Table-Mate Play?


Anyone have one of these bad boys? Opinions? Is it heavy and sturdy enough not to bounce around?

It’s obviously big enough for a TE. At $30 it’s not much of an investment. I’m just curious.

Thanks in advance.


Wait a minute, I’m confused…Did you just happen to find a picture of TE sitting on top of of these? Or is this your picture? If it’s yours why are you asking others’ opinions then? You could just try them out yourself.

My uncle has this in white, but I guess it’s the same thing. The table top itself is sturdy, but I find the thin supporting bar pretty weak, judging by the weight of a TE. Even when I’m just resting my hands on the table top I feel them bending or something. Probably when you wiggle the stick and push buttons the table might move around a bit.


I’m sure Kyle is just doing research before committing to a decision. I’d rather have an informed decision before I make any investment.


it’s pretty stable, actually. works just fine on my custom stick and my TE. i wouldn’t pay 30 for it, though. i’m sure you can find it cheaper elsewhere from wherever you’re looking now.

i use it for the microsoft steering wheel in forza too. that is when it gets to the point where it bounces around.