Table Saw a must?

just curious if this is a must have for getting a clean straight cut on hardwood / wooden cases?

not a must but makes life a ton easier. slagcoin shows a build done using a hand saw.

Good luck!

For large piesces, then yes, it is a must. If you want, home depot or lowes will cut larger piesces for you for free, but 90% the time they’re not straight.
For smaller piesces you can use a mitre saw, and if you’re really hardcore you can just use a regular hand saw.

Look up building a saw board. Will give you straight cuts with a hand saw or jig saw and they are very easy to build.

A proper table mitre saw (manual, not electric) is great for perfect 90 and 45 degree cuts. Mitre boxes aren’t worth looking at.

just bought one at sears and i love it

If you want to cut small timbers (less than 200mm) then mitre saw is really handy and makes your life a lot easier…
Table saw to cut larger timbers… I might get one this week as I need to cut larger size timber (300mm+)…