Tablet PC help

I am really considering getting a tablet pc instead of a regular laptop and I dont know much about them so I was wondering if anyone could help me with recommendations.

I plan to do a lot of drawings and artwork on the tablet so i wont have to get one for the computer. I was also wondering if tablet PCs work as well as just the tablets or is it a significant difference. I would also like one that is decent for games but nothing too high end. If there is a monthly payment option i will be probably be willing to spend more.

If anyone knows much about them i would appreciate your help since i dont know as much about them. Could you tell me what to look for or who generally has better tablet PCs


If I can remember correctly, most tablet pc’s (or all) don’t have the same pressure-sensitivity function of say a Wacom tablet - you won’t get a lighter weight line from pressing lightly or heavier weight from pressing harder.

I could be wrong though, but as far as I know the only one that has the pressure-sensitive technology is that 3rd party mac-tablet coming out soon.

stick with the alternative tablets that are out there specifically for art rather, not a tablet pc unless of course you’re planning to scribble instead. stop wasting your time and do yourself a favor and invest and time and research and eventually you’ll come to fruition and realize you’ve made a wise decison and purchase. Just my 2c as to what I tell my clients from work (me= tech/former artist trying to reinstate myself back into the scene)

I have a pressure sensitive tablet, nice size and wireless too. It’s a Trust TB-4200 model, and it was only 50.

I don’t recommend it for games or anything though, it’s mainly for art/graphics work since you can’t move the pointer fast.

But hell, it’s my first tablet and I don’t know much about them either; is the pointer supposed to not go fast?

Simple Answer, No, a normal Tablet PC does not recognize the amount of pressure needed for a tablet. If indeed you want a tablet pc and a tablet, you can purchase a Wacom Cintiq. Its almost as good as a similar sized Intous, however its a tablet PC as well! Only downside its $2500, however its exactly what you are looking for, and you can finance it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, I think i will probably get a tablet pc but end up getting a tablet anyways. As long as it is useful enough other than the pressure sensitivity function, I would probably still get one because I need a laptop anyway.

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience, I tried searching for some reviews and it hasn’t come up too helpful.


Toshiba makes good tablet PCs, but are pricey, Gateway makes pretty good ones, and are more affordable. I would go with Toshiba, but Gateway is a great value, albeit slightly lower quality. this one looks good, and has a Wacom digitizer.

Anyone have any knowledge on HP tablets? They are a little cheaper so I was looking at that but then again the toshiba and gateways look to be better.

Thats vaioman about the update on the gateway tablet. :smiley: So does the Gateway one recognize pressure because of the Wacom digitizer?