Tabs on buttons in TE2+ broke


I just bought a TE2+, and in removing 2 of the buttons because they were acting weird the little tab things on the side broke, even though I was making sure to handle them delicately. I was going to buy new buttons regardless, but would the snap ins be better? Or was this just a problem with the ones that came with the fightstick and not the OBSFs as a whole?


Get screw-ins, they are made to be removed as many times as you want, snap-ins were made for one time use pretty much.
From my experience it’s either the way they install them or a different batch, snap-ins I bought weren’t as fragile as ones in my TE2,TE2+, and Fightstick Pro, TE1 ones felt more flexible and didn’t break yet and I used them in multiple sticks.


It’s a common issue with them. I don’t know about batches in the past, but any Sanwas I’ve bought lately you need to be very careful with.