TAC infinite madness... Dr. Doom Edition?



So all this Craziness with the TAC Jump loops as discovered by a Trish player in this video


Has inspired players to find more infinite combos with 13 other characters.

The idea is that you get the opposing character down low enough to the ground after a TAC for a jump loop. As you hit them with an air normal, landing on the ground cancels the normal’s recovery, if you jump back into the air before this normal would’ve recovered, the game thinks you never touched the ground in the first place and you get to abuse the unscaled hitstun of the TAC forever! This means that any character with a repeatable jump loop could theoretically have an infinite combo in UMVC3. What would make doom such a great asset for this strategy is that doom can put the opponent in the corner close to the ground from any direction TAC. I played around with some M and M loops and an unfly cancel to see if I could get some j.M, j.M, fwd. dash Cancel, j.M, j.M land - repeat loops going but I didn’t have any luck… Lemme know what you guys find while I keep working on it!


doom TAC here



This vid is so much better.


I think the down whiff exchange can be countered.


please post the notations of each of the TAC also how to do the ground bounce glitch?


Soooo…why isn’t this video here yet?




Is there some way of landing that j.L as you hit the ground consistently? Been practicing my infinites and if I can get the first section to land, I can do a few of them like the Sent, Mags and Dante ones. That j.L is giving me trouble though, it seems as tight as RR’s, but many more people are landing it which makes me think there is something I’m missing.