TAC Rock Commandos, as anyone tried it?

BestBuy sales these PS3 to PS2 converters


for $20, I was wondering if they work well with this baby I just bought of eBay:


It lags. Just buy a Pelican adapter. You could probably buy one off of ebay if you’re that skeptical of buying something from our members.

or contact laugh about that ipin converter thingy ive heard thing is good too


lol, like I’m gonna pay this much for a converter :rofl:

I think I’ll stick with the Dragon Converter of Play-Asia :wgrin:

I can’t say anything about how well it works for PS2 guitar controllers, but I bought one of these TAC Adapters along with my HRAP2:SA. Needless to say, this adapter works fucking GREAT. From what I tested, this thing’s virtually lagless with Hori’s PCB as well as all the official Sony PS1/DualShock 1/DualShock 2 PCBs that I’ve tested it with. Flawless integration, quick installation of drivers on your PC (basically plug-n’-play) with no lag, and when playing my command heavy Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core on a PS3 or a game like 3s on GGPO, this thing doesn’t fail to read any and all inputs I perform.

Tetsuoan, it could be you experienced bad stuff because your adapter might not have been on the right setting. If you’re planning on using this thing for sticks/controllers only, then have the switch set on “GP”. Put it on “RB” for Rock Band equipment and on “GH” for Guitar Hero gear. In fact, this thing has the Analog button on a controller mapped to the PSHome button. The downside is that you can’t activate the PSHome button on a stick (well, you CAN, but that’d require you to change the setting of the adapter to RB or GH and that really screws with the button layout), but hey, is it really that much of a hassle to turn on your PS3 controller and pressing the PSHome button on that?

It lags. Slightly, but it does.

Well so far it’s 2 to 1 for “It Lags” but the question is, what is “Lag” for people here.

I kind of get the feeling that a lot of you here are nitpickers and that they can find flaws that most people wouldn’t be able to find.

Let me give my definition of lags and tell me if it closely resembles that. For me, lag in a game controller would be like emulating keyboard keys on a gamepad or joystick, there’s always a slight delay that makes a Shinkuu Hadouken very hard to pull off.

well, did you even read the review?

That should explain it in a nutshell.

Lag is lag, regardless of what anyone thinks. Being nitpicky is what separates a decent converter from a GREAT one.

This one is not a great one.

Well if it lags for one person, it should lag for everyone? Yes No?

By stating that it lags, you are either saying that other people a liars, novices or are mistaken another device. The reviews on Play-Asia are mixed, so who’s to say who’s right? The positives could be paid of by the company who makes these just and the negatives could be from competition.

Uhh… Look here… if you can find another review with factual evidence and data from lag testing, and it is VASTLY different from the testing done on the sdtekken review. I’ll bite down and review it again.

But from my experience, and the experience of others here. No one here has claimed it to be lag free that has done ACTUAL TESTING.

Is it my fault that some people don’t know how to test/evaluate lag? Not at all. But I wouldn’t want someone from these good forums to purchase it with the impression that it is a good converter.

EDIT: A direct link to the review…

Keep in mind that review was from May 9th. And since then the REAL and inPin converters have shown up, and pushed the TAC down even further.

Pelican > inPin > Real > TAC/whatever else is decent.

That’s the thing, the_importer. It DOES lag for everyone. I am still defending this adapter as being a very good one, but MarkMan did prove his point. I just performed the frame test that MarkMan did on Virtua Fighter 5, and my results were very similar to his. It does lag, even if it’s only by a miniscule frame once every so often, sometimes two frames.

I’ll just say right now that based on how lightly you view the lag issue, you won’t notice any difference in your gaming performance. And I doubt you play any fighting games that require super precise frame-perfect button inputs either, like maybe Guilty Gear. So I say, go for it. Buy the TAC Adapter. Regardless of how it looks to the professional crowd, it’s a very good adapter, albeit with a few problems, like lack of a PSHome button function (unless you’ve got an Analog button on your stick) but as I said, is it really that much of a hassle to use your PS3 controller to access the Home menu? 'Sides, the build quality on this adapter is top notch, probably the best quality I’ve ever seen in an adapter. And with a price tag that low, what reason do you have to not buy it? It can’t hurt you if you do. If you don’t like it, hey, let your friends use it.

I’m really started to be tempted to buy all 10 converters currently available on eBay and trying them out starting with this one:







some of them dont even have a ps/home button

If you wanna do that, go for it.

I wish I had the time and money to do the same thing. I used to buy random converters before, but after the 7th or 8th straight converter that was crappy, I stopped doing that.

I’m pretty sure my converter AND stick collection is the biggest on SRK lol.

Right, so you’re willing to spend roughly $100 plus shipping to buy all those adapters, but you don’t want to spend $70 plus just a tad more shipping for a Pelican Adapter, which not only has the best reputation amongst basically everyone in the world, but with the one you linked to, is brand new factory sealed aftermarket? Very odd, friend. If I had that kind of money, I’d have bought that Pelican Adapter without even a first thought.

post dat shiz! doooooo it!

You can forget that dual one from that USA Seller…I wasted my money on that one.
I got smart and read forums like this one and information from the SDtekken reviews and got the Real converter. I tried the Antcommandos one. It is decent,but there is a lag input, and you will notice it from time to time. I play Tekken with Paul Phoenix and even with his simplest combos I notice a lag. I ended up returning 2 of them back to Amazon.
Just trying to save you some time, money and frustration… mostly money. This shit up adds after while.

Well it does look kind of cheap, but then again, so does the Dragonplus converter. I’m really curious about the EMS one, I mean I’ve tried EMS products in the past and I liked them.