TAC trick to meter gain with Spencer

Wzup ppl,

so here’s the deal: I believe I found a way to gain a hyper meter while comboing with Spencer, similar to She-Hulk’s.

I was doing the usual stuff in the lab, LMHS MHS j.QCF+H (in the corner).
When I went on to do j.S xx Armor Piercer, I did it while still airborne, so the game recognized it as a TAC.

However, I was very low and near the ground, so the flash came, but my 2nd char didnt come in. Instead, the enemy bounced on the floor and went up. i followed up with Armor Piercer into Bionic Manouvers and it combo’ed. When I stared at my hyper meter, it was the same as before, so I indeed gained the meter for the TAC. I realized it was a trick like She-Hulk’s, and went on to try to reproduce it consistently. It is really though and has a very strict window to be made, but I believe some of you guys - who are WAY better than me - may be able to do it consistently and make this a powerful strategy to Spencer/Phoenix teams for an example.

Each TAC results in a different path to continue the offense:

If the TAC is oriented forward, the enemy will reset. You got yourself an air throw reset opportunity.

If the TAC is upwards, the enemy will go up while you are going down. The Wire Grapple H is able to get him back. He resets short after it, so cancel into Armor Piercer right away.

If the TAC goes downwards, it’s like I said up there.

hope that helps guys

Sounds like some good technology. I’ll hit the lab when I get a chance and try it out.

This happened me around launch, here’s a vid

I didn’t get a half a bar for the exchange, and the second wall bounce didn’t really seem to offer much for combos much so I kinda forgot about it. It’d be nice if there’s something to it after all, though.

I’ll experiment with this today and see what kind of things I can come up with. If it gets you an extra meter on the down exchange then this could be pretty big, depending on the combo options afterwards. Then again Ammy Exchange Cancels never really went anywhere so who knows.

This doesn’t gain you meter, what are you talking about

Unless they changed that with one of the patches

I haven’t tried messing around with this since early march

The meter gaining is the random part about this. This is what I got so far:

  • after a launch, H-S, then qcf+H in the air. You have to connect an aerial move and only then can you do an aerial exchange. You can actually also connect S to aerial exchange in this situation.
  • It’s easiest to do with L, the timing of the exchange depends on the first hit.

There are three things that can happen according to the timing you use. Too early and you’ll get an Air Exchange: Spencer swaps out and the second character comes in. Too late and you’ll get the Exchange cancel: the flash happens but you immediately hit the ground, so you don’t hit the opponent. The opponent pops out of the combo when this happens.

What you want to happen is get the Exchange to hit, but your character to hit the ground after. When this happens the effect of the Exchange you picked happens: up causes a launch, but it’s pretty hard to follow up. Side gives you a wall bounce, but you can’t seem to follow that up at all. Down gives you a big ground bounce, which you can follow up. Damage scaling and hitstun still apply, I’ve tried starting a M-H-S combo after it and the opponent immediately popped out after the M.

Down is the one you want but it’s also the hardest to do. Strangely, I’ve gotten meter from it once! But the other times I tried I didn’t get anything. If it doesn’t give you meter it’s basically just a harder way to combo into a DHC Trick, really. I don’t know what causes the meter-gaining… It’s either random (small chance of getting the meter anyway) or some sort of frame-precise timing (getting the hit, gaining the meter, then landing?).

By the way, what most likely happened in the first post is that you hit with S, and the next QCF+S was mis-timed and seen as an exchange because of it.
On another strange note, I’ve gotten an Exchange by mashing up S, but Spencer actually landed in between the regular S and the Exchange S. It was pretty cool, but it was just a normal exchange.

I’ve tried duplicating this two dozen times now and I can’t gain meter off of it

If it’s frame specific, it probably requires some extremely specific height and velocity, meaning it’s frame specific in two places, before the grapple and after it

Definitely not the slightest bit practical

I agree with that.