Tack Cloth

Does anyone know a good brand of Tack Cloths as well as Prep Wipes I can use for case painting? Gotta update my inventory and looking for some better stuffs


It depends which country your in and what brands are available. In all honesty though most tack clothes are pretty much the same. If you pop into your local car paint shop the ones they have will be good enough. I personally use Starchem but comparing it to a cheap non brand there is zero difference.

^ ^ Thanks a ton! means a lot to get a reply from you, love your works btw! :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

By the way it might be a good idea to purchase some “panel wipe” aswell which is a liquid that removes most contaminants on the surface which is a must before painting.

Thanks again! will look into that, ^ ^ Your works actually inspired me to start modding sticks, and I hope to be creating my own, by the end of this year
Thanks a ton.