Tackle, Tackle, Headbutt Tutorial by Ramza126



Little something I decided to make. I was wanting to do this for a while. Anyway, I sent a message to MJ of ComboVideos and it should be up there soon, but until then, you can get it here.


Recorded on nFBa using Fraps
Basic editing done in Camtasia Studio
Encoded with H263+ Codec @ 900kbps bitrate
Lame 128Kbps audio





Hey man cheers for that…was better than i was expecting! Good detail, and idiot proof. lol

I’ll get practisin.


nice, now i can upgrade from tackle tackle fierce:tup:


whats the deal with tackle tackle headbutt…does’nt require anything special (buffering ?) to do it…except for the twins!

hope this ends the endless questions on how to do the tackle tackle headbutt


Well it really depends on how you want to do it, you can do it on its own with bare timing, or you can partition the headbutt, I made this video to show the latter


theres a lot more you could have gone over like Negative Edge option select and common execution mistakes during tackle tackle headbutt.

also you really dont know the meaning of option select (which is an input that does two completely different things, depending on situation, like SGGK)

if you want to add it in, the tackle tackle option select is as follows:
instead of pressing the button for MK tackle, negative edge it, then immediately HP, if you fucked up the charge on the tackle (and didnt do it late), nothing will come out, and you will do a standard Tackle HP combo, if the tackle comes out, the HP doesnt and you can still headbutt. its a bit silly since you should probably know tackle tackle headbutt regardless if you play urien.

also you failed to mention that using LK as the second tackle makes it MUCH MUCH easier, and does a very slight less amount of damage/stun.

i found it incredibly important that if you use a stick, you dont hit the edges of the sticks gate when doing double tackles, because that takes time, instead you should barely register the stick at foward and downback during the entire process, which skims off a frame or two of not charging, giving you some leeway, as well as making sure the first tackle gets out as soon as possible (although you can start hitting forward sooner, it makes going to downback much easier when you get the first tackel out asap).

you can also tell when a tackle tackle combo will fail depending on how fast you hit them with the first tackle, which you could have mentioned lol

it just seemed like you were showing off tackle tackle headbutt shit instead of telling people how to actually do a tackle tackle headbutt. anyone can learn the most basic stuff off tackle tackle on youtube, but learning the combo itself is actually fairly hard if you dont know what you’re doing, and you didnt teach that shit at all.

teaching “how” and “why” are what tutorials are for, very rarely should you teach “what”

dont like, decide im ragging on you because you’re at least putting out something, but your substance is kind of lacking.


Thanks for the criticism, I appreciate it. I know what an option select is, the SGGK thingy, I just called that option selecting. I never knew of that option select you listed, so thanks for contributing. This tutorial was for Si-Man originally, but then I thought I may aswell post it up here and what not. Yes, you’re right, the first tackle is the most important one, and it all depends on how early you hit it, I completely forgot to mention that, LOL! The biggest mistakes are usually the little ones, but that completely slipped my mind. I’m an avid player, and I can get TTH off no problems, I just thought that I would make a little something to show people how to do it. I guess my way of showing it in the video was lacking in places. Anyway, thanks for the criticism and hopefully any future videos of mine will be more informative :tup:


Well i thought it was good as i haven’t seen it sayin anywhere bout goin from d.bk to bk after the first tackle, thus makin the headbutt come out easy. I used to do d.bk after both tackles, which made gettin the MP headbutt v hard imo.


Yeah this is essential to Urien, and you either have it or you don’t, but its a must learn bnb. Also, if you wanna push the limits, try RH tackle, MK tackle, headbutt. =)
I even upped a vid of me doing this, its old. I need to record some more stuff, but my cam is a POS.



Exellent video, congrats!

But, if the text (that was black) had a white border, or th oposite way around would creat more contrast and would not blend in with the backgrounds!


Thanks Henaki.

Seriously, that video is cool, but worthless. I’m still a relative noob to this game and trying to learn - and I know enough basics to try this, but trust me your video didn’t help me at all to do this. It just showed me that I’m doing it wrong.

What Henaki said actually helped me more, but I’m still amazed at how hard this is. My keyboard is burning from the practice.

Worst is, the hardest indeed is the stupid first tackle. Its insane how I can NEVER get it right.

And I didn’t even get to the Headbutt part…


thanks for upping this…

it made me realize the magic of pressing up+strong after the 2nd tackle.

such a scrub for not trying it before.


Thanks for this tutorial, but I’m still having problems.

I can’t even do the c.HP tackle tackle, I must have tried atleast 100 times.

I’m sorry to ask this, but how is it done? I have been trying it like this:

Hold down-back, c.HP
forward + MK, immediately back to down-back
forward + LK

I know I must be doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out. The 2nd tackle either doesn’t come out or comes out late. Thanks for any advice.


you need to do the first tackle ASAP, no questions asked, thats probably what you are doing wrong, if you’re using stick, try not to slam the stick between the very “edge” of the gate, instead, stay as close to neutral as possible, this will give you much more leeway in timing the second tackle.


Thanks, I tried it again and it worked. I didn’t realize how strict the timings was though. I can’t do it consistent yet, but atleast I got the form down, thanks again.


I’m having trouble understanding the charged buffering at 6:22 in the video. What’s the input being described? Is it:

charge back, forward + LK and then immediately charging to back again for the 2nd tackle?

*EDIT: Or is this what the video was trying to explain? (link below)


If so, I kind of understand that better.


The option select thing isn’t necessary enough to mention. If one trains hard enough, double tackles will come out very often. Adding other things will only draw you attention.

So far as I know, all those who can do double tackles think “MK > MK” is easier than “MK > LK”.

What I think important is that:

  1. Do tackle > tackle > s.HP first. Change s.HP for Headbutt if the tackle > tackle
    come out at a high rate.
  2. Do remember to use it in real fight. Some can do it in training, but they never
    use it in real fight!


I’d just like to thank you for making this video because it honestly has made the headbutt fool proof for me. I’m still trying to get the double tackle down perfect but when I do land it the headbutt ALWAYS comes out no problem. Pretty amazing how that charge partition works. I was wondering why it works because really I would expect it to be considered over charging since you charge down/back for a full charge, then down/back for most of a full charge. Does this mean the overcharge limit is 2 full charges? I’m trying to better understand charge partitioning cause I can’t do mid screen unblockables to save my life. Again huge thanks for making this video.


Well, now I have to say using LK as the second tackle truly makes it easier on shotos.
But if you want to do TTH on REMY, YUN, YANG, you HAVE to use MK, MK.