I can get it out by plain buffering, but when I see really good Urien players like Messatsu,RX,Yarou etc. do it with no breaks its like “wtf”.They do it causally,like,in the corner, cr.HP,tackle,tackle,headbutt. I was wondering could anyone give me and tips on doing this a bit better so I can practice.

Messatsu Yarou is one person.

ah ok. I thought it was 2 different people, videos would be either labelled messatsu vs xxx or Yarou vs xxx. Thanks for clearing that up!

Can you help me with the tackle,tackle,headbutt?

Aside from using charge buffering (the charge b, f, b+MK stuff) I dunno what else you can do. I don’t even consciously use that and I can do it pretty well, even on Yun sometimes. Start off on Urien (easy), then shotos (the standard). Then some other characters like Oro, Remy, Ibuki, then finally Yun/Yang. If you can do a combo with sphere instead, do that because it’s easier.

Just hit with the first tackle as early as you can, and don’t rush the second one since most times you can do it later than you think and still make the headbutt connect.

Thanks for the advice man!


Already a thread for this.

the combo doesn’t work on Oro. Maybe if you lift an already airborne Oro, but not in standard conditions.
Back on topic, yes aside from using charge buffering on the first tackle there really isn’t a trick to employ, it’s just timing.
Well, make sure you’re inputting back to forward to back again very quickly. Charges in 3s register even if you move the stick quite slowly, but executing it fast get’s you more charge time for the second tackle.
While it’s important to learn it on shotos and alikes, don’t get frustrated if you can’t get it consistently on the twins or Ibuki, since the timing on those is quite stricter then on the others. I’ve seen even top Japanese Uriens miss it several times on those characters, or going for an easier combo altogether. Yes, even RX.