Tackle xx EX aegis

I can’t seem to do any of these combos off this aegis setup.
tackle xx ex aegis, cr. lk, lk tackle
tackle xx ex aegis, cr. lp, lk tackle
tackle xx ex aegis, st. strong, lk tackle

after the ex aegis, they can block the rest of the combo. I’m not sure if some of those are character specific or you need to cancel the aegis reeaally late or something, but I’ve only gotten them off a couple of times before.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get these combos to work, or when to use them?

Or how about just some other ex aegis tricks anyone wants to share.

its just hard to time

i know this must be harder than cancelling the first hit of a crouching fierce into a sphere so…there must be some kind of trick to it

There’s no trick, it’s just a link with little margin for error. You have to learn exactly when the super ends. The following audio cue may help: u recover from the aegis when Urien has pronounced the “T” in “reflector.”