Taco Bell Being Sued For Not Having Meat


LOL @ taco filling

But seriously, I’ve heard for years it’s pretty much oatmeal, not beef. Sure, the chicken is real, and the steak is real, but the ground beef isnt really ground beef. It’s pretty much oatmeal, random other crap, and a smidgen of beef. And the beef is NOT at all good beef.

My friend’s dad works for Taco Bell corporate, and once told me a story of several tons of meat being shopped around. It was something like grade K meat, and even dog food companies, like Alpo, were turning it down.

Then came Taco Bell, with dollar signs in their eyes


I think the idea of letter graded meat is one of the most misunderstood systems of all time. There is no such thing as a grade K, the letter refers to how old the cow was when it was killed, not whether it was a dirty cow or some crap. Beef quality is more usefully determined by things like: prime, choice, etc


Not even mad. When I can get a huge ass meal for 6 bucks it isnt bad. Until it makes it to your butt cheeks.


If they insist on keeping that fake meat combo, at least throw in some vitamins and shit. Enrich my dining experience.


surprise, taco bell uses cheap ass meat that comes in boxes.

almost lunch time, hmmm… tacos.


Technically, it’s not exactly ‘fake’, by USDA standard, to call your stuff meat it got to have at least 40% real meat (meat=flesh of animal {by USDA}) in your filling, what Taco bell got, according to the suing party is 36% meat only, so it should be called taco filling not meat.

But I think it is still early stage so not all data are out yet?


Well, good thing I don’t eat at Taco Bell.


One of my exes used to be a manager at taco bell and told me that it was mostly tofu I think it was. Don’t know how credible that is/was, but I’ve known for a while it was ground beef.

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I don’t care whats in it, taco bell still taste good


Work at Taco Bell for a few months and you’ll never want to eat there again.


I worked with a guy once that used to work at Taco Bell, and he told me horror stroies of what they would do with the meat and how old it was. I guess there is a reason that I no longer eat any fast food unless it’s made in front of me, like Subway. I have a lot of Pho also, but I don’t consider that fast food.

Also, the best Tacos I ever had(out of necessity since I hadn’t eaten all day), was at a Del Taco in Vegas when I went there for EVO. Man, I must have had like ten of them.


I went to Taco Bell once when I was 10 years old, there was a hair in my cheese container.

Never went there again.


I’m sure this won’t stop the drunks/stoners going there at 3am! :stuck_out_tongue:


What rock did ya’ll crawl out from under? Ive known for ages that taco bells shit is made of nasty bits but I just dont give a fuck. It taste good and it gets me full. This is just some buster tryin’ to get paid.

p.s. I bet all you fuckin’ people love that nasty mcrib thing.


Apparently their taco meat also has sand in it.


I haven’t tried the McRib. But I do love going to Carls Jr once in a while and getting a Famous Star with Chili Cheese fries as the side. Throw in a 3 pc chicken tender now too.


yo, taco bell’s 2 dollar chicken burrito meal deal is great. i get that and a cheesy roll up and i eat like a king for 3 bucks. and if you don’t eat the chips it’s actually fairly healthy.


not surprised…the KFC/Taco Bell fusion never worked out anyway…the TB didnt extend the pinky far enough

considering that KFC and Taco bell cook their meats with the same oil there and that the staff consisted of high school students and freshmens in college…

merged madness…two restaurants that should not become one ever…


Does this honestly come to a surprise for you guys?


Does this honestly come to a surprise for you guys?