Tacoma area now has Maximum Tine 3 DX


I know this forum is for fighting games, but maybe there is some cross over interest for driving games?
Anyway, Washington State now has has it’s first Maximum Tune 3 DX version. In the Tacoma area at Narrows plaza Bowl, 2200 Mildred Street west, University Place,98466.


MAXIMUM TINE 3 DX?!?! sounds bootleg to me all i know is maximum tune 3 dx but not MAXIMUM TINE




That’s what’s up. Thanks for letting us know Bill. I’ve been meaning to pay Narrows a visit one of these days when I can get steady income heh.


thanks bill I will let all my racing friends know.


Tekken 6 > SFIV :slight_smile:

Someone close this thread please.


STFU. He did the smart thing NOT buying a Tekken 6 cabinet. I’m about 10000000% sure he wouldn’t have made his money back from a BR cabinet.


I’m pretty sure Bill didn’t buy a Tekken 6 cabinet because there wasn’t a lot of interest for the game, compared to SFIV.

You’re making us all look bad with your post dude. You should be thanking Bill instead of putting his ass on blast like that. He was THE FIRST to have SFIV here, forcing Gameworks to get it, which snowballed everything towards getting Tekken 6 BR @ Gameworks.

Bill is the main reason why the arcade fighting game scene was reignited. Around here.


Charlie Murphy: “Wrong, wrong!”


LOL even if you spent every single solitary dollar you made at work, plus every single solitary dollar Manny saves up for Tekken and Magic the Gathering tournaments, they still wouldn’t have made their money back. Sorry to break it to you my friend.