My next schedule gathering is next Friday, September 27. It would be a good idea to go to Olympia Cards & Comics first to introduce yourself or join my facebook group here…Olympia Mother Russia https://www.facebook.com/groups/318728931553833/

Sorry for the late reply, been kind of busy this week.

All I meant by not being rowdy is that the store is supposed to be family oriented so try not to swear or anything like that in there. As for Marvel and Injustice, they have players who play Marvel pretty consistently and a couple of people who play Injustice, or at least used to.

There definetely are Northwest FGC Facebook groups around but like I said I don’t use facebook so I don’t know most of em at the top of my head. The only two that I can think of right now is the Olympia one which the above poster gave a link to and the Blazblue community’s group which is something like ‘PNW Airdasher’s’ (not sure if its the exact name but close enough). I’m 100% sure there are other PNW facebook groups for other games and areas in Washington. As for movers, sorry I don’t know of any though if your moving some place in Tacoma thats close to my place and I have time maybe I can help you out, can’t guarentee that though.

Thats cool, if you ever want to maybe we can carpool to some meets.

We have been beasting on the cabinet, my decapre is a scumbag. Can’t wait to sesh in the future

You put USF4 in a cab?

I retrofitted a dynamo cab with 1080P and a PC, so we are playing the PC version on it, The cabinet is sick tho.

Weren’t you in the sonoma county area before?

No I moved here from Miami Dade county FL

Pics of cab!

Looks a lil ghetto in pictures but its basically a gutted Dynamo cab, that i retrofitted.

Has new microswitches on the HAPP buttons so I didnt feel like chopping the panel up to retrofit sanwa, and we got used to it ne way :slight_smile:

Monitor is pretty close to lagless as I could find locally.

Its pretty much just for my bro and I to play since we havnt touched street fighter since the ECC days when I lived in the east coast.


Its got my execution on point tho, i’d love to sesh with any old school head

I play Street Fighter Alpha 3, 3rd strike, ST

and I was never really into 4 but im getting proper with Decapre n Sakura. They made her hella A3 esque

I also have a CPS2 XVSF laying around that i would like to sell before it becomes a supergun project

Sorry for the late reply. I’m always down to meet up and play. I drive to Fife every Tuesday to play basketball, so going to Tacoma will be no big deal!!

but where would we play? Dorky’s? I did see some CRT TVs at Dorky’s

im dying to play more real people.

why is street fighter so dead nowadays ;(

I’ll play anything, Come on I got a sick V Sak and V Akuma on A3, nobody busting CC infinites? Im down for the CVS2 too even tho my roll cancels rusty, 3s, usf4 idgaf, but some real people n skill variation would be nice :slight_smile:

Why not come down to Mother Russia in Olympia :slight_smile: I have full of cabs w/ lots of 2d fighters.

No idea where Mother Russia is, but I forgot I also get down with the V Gief, :wink:

PM me info please :slight_smile:

Mother Russia is at my place but i usually have screening before i let people come down. There is a public gathering at Olympia Cards & Comics every thursday that play fighting games. You should attend one of them & one of the guys there would give you the address if you are good people. My main game is HDR but i play ST too. I have CvS2, Alpha series, Vs series but im not that good but i love the old school games more then the new fighters. Here is my old thread of my setup .

Wow haven’t been to this thread in a while…

Anything going on around Tacoma? Maybe a facebook group someone could link?

I’d love to get down on some CvS2 lol.

Tried the EJB menu on MKII at Dorky’s. It works!!!