Tacoma peeps?

whos from tacoma? i am and it seems like street fighter is not that popular am i just old? im trying to meet people with same interests

tacoma sucks, take it from a person that’s lived there for 25 years.


Im too scuurrred to goto Tacoma…Im in Olympia the hippie city

there is a gamer spot in Lakewood called ‘the other side’ that has sf4 + 2 TE sticks on x360. whoever is in tacoma should definitely check it out. i know they plan on having some tourneys coming up.

That’s awesome, but Lakewood is even more ghetto then Tacoma. :rofl: Do you have the address? What time are they usually open?

Yeah. Lakewood is more ghetto. Tacoma is on some other shit.

Puyallup, is weird gangster/hick people.

But I’m out here if anyone is trying to get down.

i guess its different if you’re not from here. everything is normal to me.

anyway, they are open from 10-10 on most days, and til 12 on weekends i believe. found the address on google, its actually right off i5. so you dont have to worry about going deep into lakewood. hah.

4021 100th St SW, #C
Lakewood, WA USA 98499

I might have to roll there one of these days. Are there a lot of peeps over there? When do people usually go to that place?

Tournaments, eh? Looks like we’ve got another place we can meet up at for some competition.

ive been there a few times but only with my buddies. so i guess the more people that know about it, more of a chance youll see other players.

Sweet im down to going up there…

JERMZDB - Let me know when you go down there…

I robbed a man in lakewood once with a guy named Asa, kenny knows kenny knows that ghetto mother fucker


Yeah. Let me know. Ill go up there.


Fuck that place.


Like that’s even better.

Puyallup ain’t that bad. Just gotta know the right people.
Not much comp there these days though, well, I’m sure there are people that still play, but no one worth mentioning.

Johnny B lives in Spokane now. I live in Omaha. Not sure where Kenneth fucking Masters lives now. But he hates 90% of puyallup anyways (I don’t fault him for it). Kenny, speaking of which, where is negro 2? I heard he got out of the box a few weeks ago? Is he back in Yakima or with Ryan and you? Or with his babies mama? I haven’t talked to that guy in a hot minute.

Oh yeah, Cameron is in Korea till August. Don’t know about Mikey. Haven’t talked to him in a while.

We had a good group of people we use to game with. Shame it all kinda fell apart.
We aren’t top players or anything but we helped a lot of people get into fighters and we had a lot of fun. Which is what matters.

puyallup got weak when i left

Puyallup’s always been weak, TACOMA FUNWOOOOOOOOORKS!!!

Actually they were pretty weak too.

Getting stronger wasn’t Kenny and I’s #1 priority. Yes, we wanted to get better. But we also wanted other people to play aside from eachother, AJ, and our friends Johnny B and Zach.

So usually I would host get togethers 2-3 times a week to play games, teach people what I knew about said games, kenny would do the same and in hopes they would kinda branch off on their own, learn stuff and teach it to us. Plus we’d take them up to game works every now and again to watch you guys play and hope they picked up on stuff, get answers for questions Kenny or I couldn’t answer…etc

We just wanted to get the love of fighting games out there. We weren’t trying to breed crazy good players, just players in general. Which were were moderately successful at. A lot of the game nights we held always had a good 10-16 people. We’d usually try and get more but I lived with my parents at the time.