Tacoma sf4 ranbat season!

So here we go fellas. Our First season is underway and will begin on 10/11, this sat.
Now if you have read the tourney page, im sure you guys have a billion questions. PLEASE KEEP THEM ON THIS THREAD!!! We do not need to cludder the tourney page, especially don’t need non-natives putting there two cents in.

Ok so, our season will be 6 weeks(counting each bi weekly as 1 week) long. Bi-weekly events and will be on every other Saturday roughly around noon time for start up. You ask why noon? Well Bill and I have discussed things with Narrows and they are a little sketchy on it but giving us the go ahead any how. So originally i wanted them weekly, but to ease into Narrows giving us more freedom im starting it as a Bi-weekly so they can get comfortable with the idea. Also, they wanted events to be over by around 7/8pm…so that immediately cut out late night tourneys (I apologize guyz, maybe after season one we can change that)

The Bi-weeklies will be FREE to enter…yes FREE! Unfortunately its pay-to-play, we are going to have to bite the bullet on this one cause Narrows was being a little grumpy about changing the price, so this is another thing we are going to have to wait on, until Narrows gets more comfortable with our event. The more the see that its good for their business, the better our event will become. But this will take time and a lot of cooperation from us and showing them that this event is good and not bad. This also means, no buying beer and drinking around the tourney cabinets and doing the drunkin dance (yes Frank, no drunk dance…im sorry my brotha) hehe.

The Point system will go as follows unless someone has a better one, please post your idea and we can discuss

1st = 10
2nd = 7
3rs = 5
4th = 3
5th/6th = 2
7th/8th = 1

***Season Totals:

Current Season Ending Results: Ranking Battle 1.4

1st Jason Cole (Dhalsim) 28 pts
2nd Mandel (Chun-li) 22 pts
3rd Billy (Blanka) 17pts
4th Mickey D (Ryu) 13 pts
5th Korean Frank (Zangief)9pts
6th Jimmy (Blanka) 7pt
8th FrankDaDank (Bison) 6pts
8th Gene (Viper) 6pts
10th Trace P (Sagat) 5pts
10th Domitturi (Balrog) 5pts
12th Jon “Gojira” (Abel) 1pt
12th James S (Guile) 1pt
12th Brent (Vega) 1pt
12th Munky (Ryu) 1pt
12th Ian (Ryu) 1pt
12th Ryan (Ryu) 1pt

At the end of the Season the top 2 with the most points will receive some kind of prize (I have to keep it a surprise for now, cause i dont know wtf we will have yet honestly lol)

Top 8 at the end of the season will be Seated for our Regional once every 3 months. So basically 8 week long season, then a Regional Season Ender for Cash Prizes. The Regional will be $10 to enter, free play and free Pizza.

So that is it in a nutshell. If any of you guys have any questions, ideas, complaints, anything…feel free to Im me on here, post on THIS THREAD ONLY PLEASE, or call my cell.

Cole - 805-907-1392
(if i dont answer, just leave a msg and ill get back to u)

Alright, Let the BEASTING BEGIN!!!

Im sad cause its impossible for me to make it to these. I can’t be there by noon ever : (. Oh well, I’ll see you guys on the 11th still good luck!

Damn Cole. Nice.

I won’t be able to make it this Saturday by 12, but I will be there later in the night. I can’t miss that money match.


hahaha thats fine im trying to place! cant do that when im smashed. lets get wasted after the tourney haha

I’m so there.

The 6 week/3 month system sounds good to me.

Jason, thank you so much once again for putting so much time and effort into this project. It’s to bad that we can’t do a later time for the tournament. I really hope others can somehow go to these tourny’s since they will be in afternoon instead of night. But I suppose it’s all about building Rome when it comes to Narrows.

As for your question I would like a 3 month Regional

EDIT: I’ll be aiming for that TOP SPOT this Saturday fella’s! Step ya game up!

would anyone like to borow my MiniDV camera for match recording, i cant at all be there but I would like to still somehow contribute to the building up of Seattle Street Fighter 4!

i vote for 2 month season. do a short one, and try to get some stuff swung our way. later starting time, maybe weekly tourneys, cheaper tourney games, entry fee and free play for every tourney. the shit is way too lopsided narrows > us.

paying a dollar per game is freaking crazy! if i go 0-2 i only lose 4 - 6 dollars, but i am afraid to WIN. Ill be poor by like the 3rd round! if tons of people show up ill be in the hole like 40 bucks if i make it hella far.

i really hope the cost works like tekken 5 event mode. normal games were .50 but in event mode each player put in .25 for a total of .50 to start a game. then after finish the game reset and each player put in .25 again. i feel i can justify playing sf4 tourney if each player puts in .50 for a total of a dollar to start a match. but not each player putting in a dollar for every match. that is just crazy!

whatever the result is ill keep playing till im broke! but i have to complain!
p.s. if im gonna pay a dollar a game them bitches at narrows better let me drink haha!

yes, the Goal is to aim for 50cents pay for play and 5 dollar entree. That is what will happen eventually, but we need to get on narrows nice side first.

opted to having free tourney just cause i thought it be much right now if we had to pay a dollar a game PLUS entree fee. But we can always do 2/5 dollar entree fee and either winner take all or top 2 70/30 split.

I do not mind 2 month season as well. 2 months is pretty long. That would place our first regional around beggining of Dec. We got time to decide though so no worries.

About the time…on this first one, ill start it around 3pm. See how it goes. Narrows made the suggestion we end by 7, but maybe it wont be that bad. If I get a really low turn out, then ill start tourney at 6/7 and see how it rides. I mean we are there that late any how so I dont see why it would bother anyone.

Thanks for the feed back. If anyone is good at making flyers, feel free to hit me up. Otherwise im about to make some ghetto ones and place them on the cabinet tomorrow.


ps: do we have any mods in our area that can make our tourney a STICKY in the tourney threads. Every other fool who is throwin sf4 tourneys has it stcked. We need ours as well.

I would tell my girlfriend and family I was going on vacation, and then spend a week there playing if the game was 50 cents.

Anybody from Portland want to car pool or anything there way up there? I’m in Astoria, it’s kinda on the way. Otherwise I can’t really do this :wasted:

What time should people be arriving Jason?

First off I wanted to say you rock Jason, not only for throwing this but for using the word “Tacoma” in the title. Usualy people would be like “A SF4 Tournament at a secret location - will be announced day of the tourney @ 8 AM” or something along the lines of that.

Haha, most people don’t like Tacoma but fuck em’.

Secondly what will the rounds be set on, 2 or 3?
Elimination I’m guessing is 2 out of 3…

And Finally, Mickey D wants to play me first round, huh Mickey?

I believe the thread title should be “Seattle SFIV Ranbats, Machine Located in Tacoma due to Unfortunate Circumstances”.

Of course man! Only if you want to though!

ya they will still be set to 2/3 rounds and Double Elimination Style.

Will you guys be up for throwing 1 or 2 dollars in the pot and do a winner take all?


do i get my money back when you win cole?? =p

im in for 2 bucks if cole takes winnings and buys a pitcher

I’m all for that! What time should we be showing up? What time should this be run?

i think its 3pm start
so signup at 2?

oohh we need a bomb flyer. i have no artistic skills tho someone handle it!

ya sign ups start at 12 tourney starts at 3pm I will bring flyers tonight. if I win pitcher on me heheh