Tactics against Urien


i was playing against a good Urien player and basically i couldnt do anything.
I was on a complete lockdown whatever i did.

On a jump he fireballs and even on a parry i get hit with a should tackle which is hard to parry (imo)

otherwise the weird jump in FK is hard to punish and his range is greater than me.

Anyone have a good tactic? Im at a loss here.


force him to play footsies with your low forward. that’s about it. learn to parry tackle pressure. and learn to parry air fireball-> crush followup.

free low forward off blocked 2 hit elbow.

a good urien is going to abuse the shit out of j.roundhouse though. that and headbutt/ex headbutt.

blocked headbutt is a free 360.
blocked ex crush is a free 360
hit regular crush is a free 360 unless he cancel’s into aegis.

yeah it’s a rough matchup.

urien can basically zone you with strong fireballs, you gotta bait one and low forward that shit, push him into the corner.

blocked regular crush you can sometimes get away with running grab, since most players go for parry/block afterwards.

  • Standing MP from a distance is really useful against Urien(it also beats headbutts, even the EX version if done early).
  • If urien throws out a MP/FP sphere, you can hit him with crouching MP(somewhat safer option than c.Forward as that can sometimes be hit with a MP sphere).
  • Avoid throwing out the c.Forward too much, as experienced uriens can punish that quickly.
  • Dp+Short can beat all of urien’s headbutts.
  • Gigas Breaker and Hammer Frenzy can get you out of most(not all) of Urien’s unblockables if timed correctly.
  • An alternative is to simply jump into the aegis reflector to bounce away from the trap(YSB is a good example of this).
  • Neiman told me this one, if Urien does a headbutt in front of you and it whiffs…360 immediately.
  • From full screen, J.Fierce is good, but if you’re any closer, use j.Roundhouse, j.Forward or j.MP instead.


also 1 more question
how do you combo the normal airgrab into a ultra throw + clap???
it wont connect when i try with all kick buttons.

I do ultra + fierce clap + lk or mk or hk air throw and it never connects.
What happens is hugo flying toward the opponent and behing blocked by the other guy like pushing each other.

Yet i see it all the time in videos.

Explanation please? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know exactly how works, or the limits of the setup, but I think it has something do with the frames and how hi you juggle your opponent. What I do Ultra Throw, then wait for a bit and then lp clap almost at the last moment possible then go for lk back breaker. I think you have to wait on the clap otherwise your opponent bounces too high or something. I have also done it with m clap, but less consistently. Obviously you have to input the clap earlier than you would with lp clap. I hope that helps.

the secret is to get the grab going on the way up. if you grab them after the peak of the jump it won’t work. I think. I never use that grab though.

that combo works like this:

ultra throw(doesn’t matter which kick you do it with)+clap(lp one)+back breaker(lk one)

also you have to do back breaker immediately after the clap or else it won’t work it does have to be done when the enemy is going up if you don’t he won’t grab them.

ur biggest disadvantage here is his jumping roundhouse. that shit has mad range and can create setups for his tackle/aegis setups. pretty much you have to poke the shit out of him. when hes throwing fireballs just try to jump in on him to move a little closer but dont get to close. if he throws a fireball in the air and ur on the ground stick a cr. medium punch out it usually hits. also throw out random clotheslines when u guys are probably halfscreen distance apart from each other. while this may sound hella unsafe its not. depending on the distance it allows u to move closer to him for more pokes, if he happens to jump while u do it, instant knockdown and u can get creative with what u want to do after that. u just gotta be careful as fuck playing urien. one of hugo’s toughest matchups imo.


hi, i have same problems with urien.
Neiman it seems u pwn wit hugo do u have any youtube videos of your matches?
It will be cool to see ur skill and learn smth new

welcome to a hard match up. I really got no advice man…i could never tough a good urien