Tag battle anyone?

so ya…name your terms…I need the practice…and a good schoolin’…


Real-life renders/stocks, 350x100?

Im in.

Alicia Keys/stock of any choice/300x400/I arealdy lost.

Let’s Get It!


sweet!!! you’re both on…when are they due??


^oh snaps…

I start class on the 14th so I guess I’d have somethin’ done a week from today, the 19th?

i might bee in dis

fucking school :bluu:

Me too. . didnt i die?

alrighty…the 19th for shatterstar…the 19th for worm too unless otherwise noted…

were there any set rules?

nah…u set em…Real-life renders/stocks, 350x100 for us…
Alicia Keys/stock of any choice/300x400/ for me and shatter…

and other people are jumpin’ in to either one they like it seems…

this is actually a test run for me with a focus on brushes and such…never really made em’ my focus and it seems like wasted potential, so i’m givin’ it a go…dont expect anything too fancy from me…gonna try to bring some heat though…

*Edit-ooooo…a sticky…thanks man…i couldnt find the thread at first and thought it was deleted…anywho…see you good folks on the 19th

ah, sticky…

anyway, I wanted to know if this had limitations on what programs we could use?

I have PSCS2, IR, ILCS2, and Corel Painter IX. (gotta stay focused on dat graphic design major, lil’ whoodie)

so, um, yea. also, will there be an limit on the amount of stocks used of A. Keys? 1 - 3, or only 1 stock? can we, if have the time, submit more than one finished work? Are animations banned? you see where I’m going with this.

its no DQ. follow ur hearts desire shatter

no homo?

ya…no limits…i think you should only submit 1 tag to be voted on though…display the other versions after the voting is done…

i’ve been tryin’ to mess around with c4d and make my own renders…its not too hard to make basic stuff in there but i havent made anything fantastic yet…incorporatin’ em into my designs hadnt been as easy i thought it would…real hard for me to work abstract with brushes too…

just tryin’ to keep myself busy as well…

graduated art major with a concentration in graphic design…hadn’t found a job for myself yet, gotta keep myself busy with stuff and get better since i half did everything when i was in school -_-


shatterstar that ava is…nice…:wgrin:

dam lol, nothing but big tymers here.
*thinks to him self(no chance whatsoever)

I will have a crack at it anyways lol, heres my entry


aberz is what I go by in other forums, js

man i suck…how do u embed images again…

:u: [ IMG]link for the image[/IMG ] (without the spaces in the brackets).