Tag Battle: Evil-Ken vs. OrangeSlide & Asian Demon


You will be making 3 images. Here are the sizes to start with:

  1. 400 x 400
  2. 300 x 101
  3. 800 x 600

Now for the rest of the rules:

-Animation: Animation is not allowed
-Colors: Whatever
-Theme: Whatever
-Try Your Best: YES

Ok, I hope that is clear enough.

We need 3 judges to vote for the best tags made. The winner of this battle will be proven to be the best GFX master on the board. Good Luck!

BTW, you two are partners which means that one of you makes 1 tag and the other makes 2 tags. Don’t make 6! Cause this is me(solo) vs. 2 people.


i can be a judge:cool:



ok, we need 2 more.


can i b the a judge


what the hell is this? do get serious.

who told YOU, you get to make up the rules?

i guess you weren’t listening when i told you, i’m only doing a tag/av war, against everyone. not just you.

EDIT: i also think it’s rather fishy, that you do not want animation included.


I will be a judge you will probably win anyway now if you were vs. draig, or liquid stone thats something


Somebody close this meek attempt at demeaning Orange. Seriously.


ok then i’ll be the 3rd judge:D