Tag Battle- Free vs. GuMz

Premium Avatar size avatars, that includes file size limit.

Theme: …How about 3S new school characters. ( no Akuma, Chun, Ryu, Ken etc. )

Due Date: I guess it doesn’t really matter, I’d like to be ready for voting within a day or two.

Judge: Public voting first to 10 (or any other number).

Extra Rules: No name on tag or revealing who maker is until after voting.

Either PM me your avatar or I’ll pm you mine.

So anyone up? I’m just bored and feel like competing. I’ll check back on this thread tommorow morning.

i will =]

Ahh, alright. Master and Apprentice battle? lol. I still remember your the one that got me into avatars.

I’ll have my avatar done in…about 12-14 hours lol.

lol the ms paint tut hahaha those were the days

Yep. I might get PhotoShop CS3 'cause that looks kinda interesting, but for now I’m sticking with GIMP.

EDIT: Just realized I don’t think I can attach a poll to this topic…Maybe get judges?

2EDIT: I’m gonna go sleep now, but I guess whatever Judges GuMz agrees to are fine…well, maybe only limit judges to avatar makers. I think either 1 or 3 judges will work… I guess we’ll see.

cs2 ftw

make a new thread and is remy new?

iight im done wit mine

Yeah, Remys new. PM me yours and I guess I’ll make the thread as soon as I’m finished.

EDIT: Finished.