[tag battle] Open Challenge v.Spider-Man

Tag battle
Theme: Spider-Man
Size: 450x150px or smaller
Due date: tomorrow or the day after, I guess

Stock or sprite of Spidey, doesn’t matter. Anybody up for it?

Winner determined by judges, not by public vote.



You stay out of this Master… STUPIDFACE!


hi im y2j and i like THE PENIS

Oh shit son

Hi I’m “Master Chibi,” a reference to my ancestors who owned millions and millions of black slaves. Years later I will start an underground movement to relocate all of the black people to the moon, effectively eliminating my two greatest fears: black people and moonlight.

Jay, I’m up for it…

Lets see what I remember

Awesome. Due tomorrow evening? =D

I guess I’ll be in it too lol. (I’m shit)

Cool, the more the merrier. And I’m sure you’re not “shit,” but either way you’ll get some practice out of this.

Wrong! Oh, and is there a max filesize for this? And animation allowed?

Sorry, I was too busy to read the tomorrow evening part lol. Well anyways here it is…


eh im in too…

good luck peeps.

ummm… i join too! ill post my entry soon

Here’s my entry (huge filesize):


You keep changing it on us. :wink: I was wondering why it was so big before I realized it was animated, heh.

lol, I kept seeing pixels popping up around the edges and then I saw I had the border layer on overlay. :sad:

That’s after I uploaded like 10 diff versions cause I was trying to erase the pixels ahah.

Jay, when do we get the honor of seeing yours?

DarkGiygas has my vote…Fett_Connections is very well done as well

Haha nice. =]

Oh nonono, don’t say “honor.” That’s reserved for people who know what they’re doing, haha. I’ll have something done by tonight~

@ Tetsu, x_tremer: You guys still in? ;D


:d: :hp: