[tag battle] Open Challenge v.Sprites

Theme: Video game sprite[s]
Size: 400x150 pixels/150kb or smaller
Due date: Tomorrow [Sunday] evening

The old thread got owned from a server roll back on the forums. I don’t know if Tetsu wants to restart the old one, so I’m just gonna throw out this quick battle. Only real stipulation is that you have to use at least one video game sprite as the focal point of this tag. Due tomorrow night, winner will be chosen through public voting here on SRK. Anybody down? :slight_smile:

I’m in.

EDIT: Here’s mine now 'cause I’m gonna be gone tomorrow.




Here’s my submission

Ok cool, well since nobody else posted up saying they were going to join, I guess we can start voting. First to 5 wins.



Good luck guys! :slight_smile:

#2 wins again. :sad:

Meh i’d go with #1. #2 is good but just a BIT too …how can u explain this…i guess u could say it’s a bit thrown in there. Dhalsim sticks out just a BIT too much for me…I don’t mean to sound like a dick or nothing…it’s not like my shit is any better. but my vote goes with #1

No one vote for mine, i forgot how much i suck at this photoshop stuff…that’s why i stopped lol :bluu:

Lol yeah right. I actually didn’t get any good feedback on the Dhalsim tag D=

Btw I think your Urien tag is a lot better than your Spidey tag. Its a lot cleaner =]

I don’t think we’re allowed to vote. =X But yeah, no worries. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion- I could’ve blended him a bit better. Oh wells :frowning:

Haha and shut up man, youre dope at PS. I remember I used to be jealous when you were making avs like… 2 years ago or something? And your GF used to post here too, right?

lol yeah a long ass time ago. She’s now an X. But as far as being dope at ps. Man that was long ago bro, im not with the whole…“super spastic cool looking brushing techniques” like urs dude. Bleh, i don’t think im cut out for it anymore. Thanks for the compliment though man. ps…why were u jealous? LOL

can i get some feedback… i feel all alone… :sad:

This might not be an official vote, but yeah, 1. gets my vote, with 4. as a close second.
The only thing i don’t like about 2 is the colour scheme. Sim should fit in more.
Great work all of you. :tup:

Nice usage of sprites aLee, background needs a bit more work, try to intigrate the background with the forground(with the sprites) it’ll make it seem more seemless. Also when using a single sprite try not to over crowd the main characters area with too many “back up” sprites. (by back up i mean the ones with low opacity levels)

i vote 4
2 comes in second

Haha because you used to pump out some hot shit, man.

Sorry to hear about your ex, though. How’s your guitaring coming along?

we need more people to vote…lol

I vote for number 1. Not my favorite colors, but they work well together and I just love that clean look.

  1. The idea is nice. While clean, I need more than circles to vote you as number one.

  2. Jay gets this one again. Brush work well done, not too clustered.

  3. Blurry.

  4. Not really feeling the gridlines.

Damn Y2J you did that #2??

Yep, I’m still repping scrubby Photoshop skills =]

C’mon folks, we need more votes~

Shit son, that’s not scrubby. I don’t think that I couldve ever busted out with something similar to that in my PS hayday.

I vote for yours, the #2.

How the fuck do you guys be doing that with those effects?