Tag Battle: ytwojay [LZT] vs BlodiaVulcan5 [EAG]


Theme: Pokmon
Due Date: This weekend?
Judges: Public voting, first to 10

Let’s do this!




which weekend? sorry i didn’t see this post in a sea of sticky’s.


How about this weekend coming up? The 30th or whenever we get it done =]


sure, it’s date. ;o


man, this is gonna be good shit. blodia savage vs ytwobeeast. lol good luck to the both of you, mayng. =]


:cybot: SNAP! This is going to be a good one too… dood.


Sure is!


Haha, Jay’s taking on the world, man.


When can we do our’s ytwojay. . .I’ve been practicing like crazy. . .


jay, check your pms.



jay forgot all about this. :rofl:


come on y2j i wanna see some good shit.
bring back the style you did with the yun ava you made. shit was hot


ok well since jay is taking his sweet, sweet time, i declare myself to win by default on our battle, and here’s the tag i did.