Tag battle


Blantly stealing Seth’s idea, I propose a tag/sig battle. Looking for judges/themes and stuff.


That avatar seems familiar with something Seth made a while ago. Not accusing you of stealing or anything, I’m probably wrong.


I’m in this


Avatar and Tag battle. + Points for following theme and for having a matching avatar + tag [simply cropping doesn’t count] Maximum 1 stock.
Avatar stips: Same as SRK. 40k limit.
Tag: 450x150, 100kb max.
Theme: Destruction.
Due: 2 weeks from now.

Yes or no?


Yeah, Seth gave it to me, check his request thread.


Sounds good. Could you explain the theme though?


Its pretty open ended. If the judges look at your av/tag and see something that reminds them of “destruction”, then you followed the rules and don’t get docked points.


count me in


Now we just need judges…


No offence to anyone but i’m getting sick of these tag battles,don’t ask why.

carry on.


Thanks for your opinion then? Shrugs:rolleyes:


Well i’ll be a judge if you need one count me in.






I aint talking to you.

ytwojay-You are welcome.


Sure… What’s a good number of Judges?

Here’s my craptacular entry.


So then it’ll be due July 5th. I’ll be a judge but I’ll have to know if there will be a deadline for the judges to submit their judging.


Judges should submit their vote by the saturday after the deadline.


Alright so that would be the 10th of July. I’ll judge. Is that in agreement?


You and Tonbarry