Tag cancelling?


can any1 confirm this?

Tag canceling, it sounds a little too complicated to be practical in tourneys, but even if it does work it will just be another thing to ban.

Roll cancelling wouldn’t be close to how broken this is if it’s true (which I doubt)It would fuck up the whole gameplay of Mavel. It would be banned the second it would be confirmed.

it seems harder than r/c… so i don’t think it would be banned

Invincible flight mode?! Is that possible (in theory) according to Tag Cancelling?

IF it is in fact true…

imagines Magneto invincible (temporary i know) flight mode

LMFAO :lol:

I don’t ever believe a damn thing those faggots say in the gamefaqs forums. Even if it was possible I think I would of seen it with my own eyes by now in some kind of match video or exibition video. I seriously doubt some gamefaqs faggot beat Jwong with invicible flight.

LOL that shit’s funny- it’s pretty obvious that he was joking

what is the exact button sequence to perform tag cancelling?

Like roll cancelling, but faster. Also like roll cancel, but fake.


MMM invincible hail Oh wait!!!..:lol:

Shyat, those punks need to die. :lol:

:lol: This one had me ‘rolling’

Are you the same Vidness with the site of the same name?!!!:eek:

have you guys tried this shit? does this really work???:eek:

Heheh but of course!

Cool, are still planning to post more combo vids?:slight_smile:

Very good question…I think that I would like to put together one last one…But that triple assist took me months to complete. I just don’t have that much time these days to create something people haven’t seen before.

There is a Spiral trick or two that I have up my sleeve though :cool:


This sounds interesting…but far fetched and confusing.
so if i was playing sentinel, i would sub-out sentinel BUT during his sub out animation (spreading his arms) i would cancel into his flight mode and he’ll be invincible?!:confused: