Tag Challenge

Anyone wanna challenge me?

Theme: Anything DragonBall related.
Size: 330x110
Due Date: 6/30 (Sat.)
Must have your username.
First to five votes = KO

Voting is done by posting a reply. For example: My vote goes to KidZero, because his sig/tag is dope.

So, how 'bout it?

ill lose big time but ill do this one wit ya kidder

Alright GuMz!
Let’s do this! :tup:

:shake: GuMz vs KZ… :crybaby: I can’t watch… dood!

When your done I wanta sig battle Zero . . .I’ve been wanting to for a year now. . .

yo screw you guys im in too =o

zero vs gumz vs ad

time to see wut you got john

lol now im really gunna lose WRYYYYYYYY

By draognball would that mean DBZ also. . .damnit I wanna join to get revenge on Gumz. . .and take on the guy that indirectly got me into PS. . .and AsianDemon’s name is tight. . .

Yeah, DBZ. Anything DragonBall.

iight AD & TG, you’re in.

KZ vs GuMz vs AD vs TG

im gunna lose this one on purpose watch

I’m almost done with mine. I’ll prolly finish it sometime tomorrow.
Ima go play some Smash with some freinds.

damn is it really all 4 of us? no homo?

im done =]


Not for the contest,but i can’t say i wasn’t inspired to at least try and make something when this came up.

Not sure about Tat guy since he has a challenge going on with TRT.

Nice. :china:

Finished mine as well…

ok waiting fer ZeRO aND ADiiZZLE

Edit… .gonna be wanting on me too., . .I didn’t save it lol. . .

So it’s still KZ and AD ?

I’m pretty much done too. I just need to add text, which I suck @ doing. :sweat: