Tag Change

Hi. I have a question about changing the tag I entered EVO as.

Well, I registered quite a while ago for EVO, you know so I don’t have to worry about now which of course is what many people did and I think was definitely a smart idea. However, when I registered, I was still “DRS filipin0man”. Much of the crew had dissolved from the time of registration until now, including my membership with that group. I now have a new sponsor, NGL and would like to change my handle to “NGL filipin0man” so I can represent my sponsor throughout the tournament if I do play on stream and not DRS. (NGL is 2/7th of the American SF team against Europe!)

How do I go about this?

I, too, would like to know! I’d love to be able to rep my new clan.

Maybe try to email tournament admin?

Were in the same pool for UMVC3, Just saying

I would also like to change my name as I am going by a different name now. Who would I have to email to get in contact with someone to do this?

Wondering the same thing.

Though I read in the threads from previous years you can have it changed at the venue. I suppose when you go pick up your Pass.