Tag in Combos


One of my personal favorite combos is this

Full Screen, Cable fierce x 4, tag in Sentinel, Fierce Rocket Punch xxx HSF, tag in Magneto

option 1: infinite
option 2: c.lk, c,rh, tag in Cable, j.jab, f.fierce, AHVB

anyone have other nice tag in combos?


magz… anything into hypergrav, tag in IM… infinite.


mags probably has the best tag in options

-launch + IM AAA, sj.fk XX a/d d/b, land, c.lk(juggle), c.fk XX sj XX a/d down lk, c.fk XX tag in IM, infinite.

-same set up as above, but tag in sent, s.fk > air combo

-same set up, tag in cable, j.fp XX AHVB

tag in combos that are mostly for show


launch, sj.fk XX a/d d/f, land, s.lp, s.fk[1 hit] XX shockwave XX headcrush[misses], tag in magneto, c.lk(juggle), c.fk XX tag in juggs, headcrush.

-tron, wolvie, mags

s.lp, s.lp XX lunch rush XX weapon X (just as bots are hitting), tag in magneto, c.lk(juggle), c.fk, tag in tron, lunch rush XX weapon X (just as bots are hitting), tag in magneto, c.lk(juggle), c.fk XX shockwave

-guile, gambit, charlie (first tag in combo ive ever done)

s.lp, s.lp, s.f+fp XX sonic hurricane XX royal flush XX sonic blades(mash), tag in guile, flash kick super XX flashkick super.

-mags. thanos

launch + thanos capture, sj.fk XX a/d d/f, fk, land, c.lk, c.fk, assist hits, c.lk*, c.fk, c.lk(juggle), c.fk XX tag in thanos, (lp) bubble, dash in c.lp, c.lp, c.fp XX power super XX shockwave.

*the bubble causes the FSD, but when you hit with c.lk (while opponent is trapped in the bubble) it’ll pop them up like the opponent was being juggled. then the c.fk with send them over magnetos head and you juggle with a c.lk before the land…

…dont mind me, im just a newb.


(in the corner)Mag/Jin

Tag in Mag dwn lk hk, tag in Jin standing fp,tag in mag ect ect ect…


is’nt there tag in infinites with