Tag in combo's

In need of tag in combos for Mardook any help would be appreciated.

It would help to know what your partner is, and reading the threads here might also be a good idea. There’s some nice tag in combos to be found.

However, because I would feel like a Large Butt otherwise, here’s the tag in combo I use currently
Hwoarang: j.hk, [s.mlk], s.hk xx qcb+hk (ground bounce) xx tag Marduk: j.hp, cr.mp xx hp gator slam
edit: this does 490 damage, sorry about that

I have a question How exactly do i tag in my partner after his EX :f::d::df: :2p: ?

like desk does in his combo videos. I cant even mash out the tag after the move hits.

First, you need a meter to tag your partner in (so i would not recommend using that second meter unless you know the damage will be 500+)

Anyways, your question. I’m not 100% sure, but I THINK you can tag in at any point during an attack/special. EX specials may be different though

It is a very tiny window in which you can tag someone in as Marduk is about to grab the character out of the air, I wanna say it’s 1 frame of opportunity MAYBE 2 frames. Only thing you can get out of it is a “free” super, most of them need to be thrown into the corner from the air throw. (I say "free because it still took 2 meter to get the super)

Easiest tag in combo off of a launcher is s.mp xx HP gator slam

^if you do single attack to gator off a tag in, then you could just use HP or HK. Just mash it on the way in and itll hit lol.

Otherwise, off air juggle combo or launcher tag ins, I choose between:
HP xx gator slam
MP, c.MP xx gator slam
MP, MP, c.MP gator slam

Depending on how many hits the combo before was. If there are already a lot of hits in, I might want to use less hits before the gator to make sure it does the most damage, just test the options with different combos.

Off a standing juggle I *might *go for j.HP, c.HP xx takedown dash cancel, c.LK, c.MP xx gator slam. Haha not exactly easy though.
Or just j.HP, c.HP xx gator slam.

Oh, and sometimes an MP gator slam will do more damage than an HP one, since it’s one hit. All depends on scaling.

HP xx gatorslam?

Everytime I try this he does far HP and it never juggles as opposed to cl. HP which does, but cl. HP never seems to come out off a tag launcher. Is there a certain timing to it? I’m mashing, just like you suggested… lol

Yeah, cl.HP (the headbutt). There is a certain timing I’m sure, but I’ve never gotten far HP before. Either way, MP is probably more reliable regardless :stuck_out_tongue:

so, I had been trying to figure out why the hp xx gator slam wasn’t working for a bit there

and as is customary with dumb idiots, I forgot the corner exists
it seems cl.HP only comes out in the corner

i did it
i did the thing
i did a figure it out

Ah yes, cl.HP after j.HP on a groundbounce only works in corner.
My first post was referring to him running in to do single hit to gator slam, my bad. I think I got confused what everyone was talking about haha. Since then though I’ve been playing around more with tag/launch combos.

Normal magic series tag in: MP, MP, c.MP xx gator (unless I need less hits, in which case cl.HP xx gator. This is what I was confused about sorry!)
Partner special launch (vega ST, etc.) MP+MK tag:** j.HK, neutral j.HP, c.MP xx gator** (basically jump stomp on them midair. Like mario.) or j.HK, MP, c.MP xx gator
Partner groundbounce MP+MK tag: **j.HP, c.MP xx gator **(j.HP, cl.HP xx gator in corner)

In the case that the launched opponent is too far for a j.HK, I would do the MP MP c.MP if possible. If the gator misses, remove number of MP as needed.

Then you have other partners. I haven’t found a good way to tag in off Poison, which sucks because I play her a lot xD her DP sends them flying across the screen :frowning:

Best thing I’ve been able to get is off of Rolentos rekkas.

Tag cancel into Marduk after 3rd rekka, C.HP, Dash Cancel, S.MP, C.MP, HP Gator Slam.

Guy’s this is great stuff appreciate it. MARDOOOOK!

How much damage is this doing?

From Rolento c.MK to rekka tag:
C.HP, dash cancel, MP, c.MP xx HP gator = 363 damage
j.HK, MP, c.MP xx HP gator = 369 damage this is the one I usually shoot for. Something about stomping mid air seems cool haha, just have to get used to timing.

My team is Yoshi/Marduk, I put together this Pandora combo for them earlier:

Yoshi: j.fp, st.mk xx Windmill xx tag cancel; Marduk: j.hp, j.hk, Pandora; Yoshi: super (damage 625)

Running Vega/Marduk, what I usually do to bring the DOOK in is tag cancel off the first hit of HK Scarlet Terror. Say:

j.HK, cr.MK xx HK ST -> tag cancel -> j.HK, st.MP xx HP Gator Slam

449 damage, not terrible for one meter. Normally I’d do cr.MK into cr.MP before the ST, but with the scaling it only adds something like 2 damage, so it’s not worth trying the link. If anyone can elaborate on this combo and find a better option, please do!

Hate to double post, but what are you guys doing to bring partners in off of Marduk? Is it possible to tag cancel Gator Slam?

This is similar to what I use to tag in Marduk when I team him with Juri. You can do better with:

j.HK, cr.MK xx HK ST -> tag cancel -> j.HK, neutral j.HP, cr.MP xx HP Gator = 490 damage.

If your opponent is near the corner when Marduk comes in, you can do:

j.HK, cr.MK xx HK ST -> tag cancel -> j.HK, neutral j.HP, st.HP xx HP Gator = 505 damage.

I’m not a Vega player but I’ve seen some Vega players do j.HK, cl.HP, cr.MP xx HK ST so you could probably get even more damage using that instead of j.HK, cr.MK xx HK ST

s.mp whiffs on some opponents, I usually just do c.mp, c.mp, gator slam, a lot more consistent and still does good damage.