aside from that jin/tron one, what are some other tag infinites in this game?

Wolve/Tron midscreen v. Tron:

cLK, cMP, [cHP xx Tag Tron, sHK xx Tag Wolvie]

Works in the corner versus some other characters (namely Storm).

Jin can do a chain xx Tag.

IIRC BB Hood can do HK Mine xx Tag Out Jin/Tron/Magneto/Wolvie

Blackheart can Demon infinite xx Tag iirc.

Ruby can Ghost xx qcf+PP, steer down, land, Ghost hits xx Tag

The important thing is realizing that they’re interchangeable to a large degree, if 2 characters can each initiate a Tag out combo, then they can probably do an infinite.

OK, so a better question would be to ask

What moves are tag-infinite capable?

I know wolverine c.hk
magneto slide ala slide infinite (after c.lk juggles)
magneto s.hk 1 hit

There’s different types I guess, so a distinction should be made to help narrow the search.

There’s moves that allow for a particular window of stun that enables the attack from the point to combo into the tag, and then there’s the type that work not only based on stun, but because of the unique way that the move or setup utilizes the screen.

The first type is the Magneto/Jin/Tron variety, while the second is the Wolverine c.MP variety, as it will only work if it hits cross-up, or literally if you change sides and force the tag to come from the close wall.

Shoultzula mentioned a Commando setup utilizing a launcher xx tag when he is in the corner. That also would work because of screen position.

Normals that link to Tag:

Mag: HK (1st hit), Slide
Tron: HK Rock (1st hit)
BB Hood: HK Mine
Hayato: Chain combo (this one)
Jin: s.HP (I think that’s what this is)
Commando: dMP xx Tag, when HE is in the corner (I haven’t verified this yet)
Wolverine (both): cr.MP, cr.HK
Blackheart: Demons, during ‘infinite’ state

Hypergrav + certain other Capture Assists (I think)
Spiral Knives
Ruby Ghost

Wolverine’s glitch dp+PP

There’s others, but that’s a workable list from what I can remember.

In the Infinites section on Preppy’s site there’s a few.
Ironman d +HP in the corner
with BB Hood

Commando - back to wall d + MP, tag combos - I think that’s what Shoutzula was refering to.

EDIT - just saw Eczangief’s links.

Spiderman’s will release upon tag.

This shit is too nice.

bb.hood/speed wolvy aa:nunchuck::nunchuck:/tron is gonna be my next squad:nunchuck:

U can also do it with magneto by doing stand fierce midscreen on sent. May work on other characters. Hayato has a plasma series u can tag off of. Also u can do it with sent too off of tag with stand short, short.

strider has a safe tag during orbs.

charlies qcf+PP super

from anakaris curse

everyone knows that Blackheart can tag out from his demons, but he can tag in if you’re in the corner. Just tag in, s.RH as they’re coming down, and super jump cancel to an immediate jp to fill in the hit stun gap between the kick and when the demons form and they’ll be back in his infinite for you to tag back out.

Thanks for that info BHK, now I feel like Mag/Blackheart could get pretty cheap with some tag infinites.

Specials don’t dizzy… Do tags? If so, you could get some of these to run 100%… no?

I dont believe that tags affect the dizzy counter.

Then would something that would only involve specials and tagging be viable for 100%?

Off hand, I can only think of tag, hyper grav, tag, hypergrav… etc. but that needs two magnetos… which is ineffective in a fight, in my opinion.

Even something that involves fierces and tags would probably go to 100%. AFAIK, the timer resets itself after a period of time. It’s not per combo in other words, but per period of time. Which is why you can hit somebody with something like speed up wolverine LP infinite, then break combo, then hit them once and they get dizzy. Which is also why it’s harder to dizzy them with Iron Guy.

Oh wow… Do you have more information that I could read up about this?



This is Joo’s data, not my own.

i was wrong about the IM infinite. Well sort of. It still doesnt dizzy as soon, but that because of the spacing of the hits. All air attacks arer 1 point.

You dizzy after accumulating 47-64 points. So its partially random. Lights add 3 points, mediums 1.5, and heavy adds only 1 point. All air attacks are 1 like i said. I dont think Joo even knows the period of time that it takes to reset the counter.

So this is why I’ve been able to do the ROM to 55 hits in some cases. That’s STRANGE. I suppose it’s similiar to the dizzy system in ST, only this game has a bit more flexibility to it, as dizzying in ST comes about 90% of the time or possibly better. Meh… I’ll ask NKI or somebody about that.

I’m assuming this is also why rogue’s speed up infinite dizzies after like 25 hits. her two hit ground attack chain dizzies 350% faster than an air combo. Whoaz…

always happy to contribute :slight_smile:
I guess BH is an exception to this spinout data…