TAG Monthly XXXVI 02/19/2011 (Sacramento, California)

Venue Fee - There will be a venue fee of $3 charged to anyone who wishes to use the TV’s. This means both friendlies and tournament attendees.

Cussing will result in you being expelled from the venue and disqualified from any tournament you are participating in with no refund. This is a serious issue - I almost lost the venue due to this. So please keep cussing to a minimum and/or at a low volume.


Super Street Fighter 4(PS3, 360):

Entry Fee $10

Sign-ups start at 12:30
Starts at 1 pm

Pot Split:


Marvel Vs. Capcom 3(PS3, 360):

Entry Fee $5

Sign-ups start at 2:30
Starts at 3 pm

Pot Split:

Brawl Singles/doubles
Brawl +/- Singles

Great Escape Games

1250 Howe Avenue #3A
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 927-0810


Great Escape Games

I advise you to make Marvel vs Capcom 3 one of the main events as well.

I have no certainty of MvC3 setups. Ill give it till next month when i can be more certain of reliable setups.

I’m bringing a PS3 MvC3 setup if that helps.

Yay for new thread! Damn, I was wondering when there was going to be a new TAG. Sucks about the venue almost disappearing. o__o

If get we at least 2 setups, then we’ll go for it.

I miiiiiiight have enough to get it by the time it releases, but I was saving up for Dissidia 2. :frowning:

Fuck Dissidia, GET MAHVEL!!

If you hold MvC 3 count me in!

Gotta check what days I get off for that week. =)

Hope to see you there!

If anyone can provide a T.V., I can bring a PS3 for Marvel 3.

There will be plenty of TVs, Xavier. Don’t worry.

Ok just making sure. :slight_smile:

Anyways since I am bringing a setup for marvel and I believe Acegik13 is bringing a setup…Does that mean we can hold a tourney for it?

this sounds kinda koo, i might pop by. will you guys be needing extra setups? i got one just in case i go…

If time allows, I don’t see why not.

If it’s a PS3 setup, by all means bring it.

I might have 3 altogether setups including the 2 mentioned here, so it sounds like a MvC3 tourney would work given we have enough participants. It would be the same price as the SSFIV turns out to be.

Added MvC3. Entry for SSFIV raised to $10 due to poll results.

I won’t be able to bring an MvC3 setup.

nooooooooooo!! :frowning: