TAG Monthly XXXVII 03/19/2011 (Sacramento, California)


Venue Fee - There will be a venue fee of $3 charged to anyone who wishes to use the TV’s. This means both friendlies and tournament attendees.

Receive a $1 discount by bringing any of the following items and allow us to use them. (Maximum of $2 off the venue fee):

  1. CRT T.V.
  2. Playstation with SSFIV/MvC3
  3. Xbox with SSFIV/MvC3
  4. Wii with SSB: Brawl

Cussing will result in you being expelled from the venue and disqualified from any tournament you are participating in with no refund. This is a serious issue - I almost lost the venue due to this. So please keep cussing to a minimum and/or at a low volume.


Super Street Fighter 4(PS3, 360):

Entry Fee $5

Sign-ups start at 12:30
Starts at 1 pm

Pot Split:


Marvel Vs. Capcom 3(PS3, 360):

Entry Fee $5

Sign-ups start at 2:30
Starts at 3 pm

Pot Split:

Brawl Singles/doubles
Brawl +/- Singles

Great Escape Games

1250 Howe Avenue #3A
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 927-0810


Great Escape Games ?


get this stickied!!!


Bump. :smiley:


aye can u play both?


Of course!


sounds interesting. I should be able to make it since its a Saturday. Good luck to all!


Added discount information


Think i can attend and bring a setup as well. See yall there.


I will bring my PS3 with the right cables this time.


will the ps3 and xbox tournament for mvc3 be seperate ??? if so i play on a xbox stick, will there be a problem burrowing anyones ps3 sticks if they have 2 separate mvc3 console tournaments? i’d like to do both


It’ll probably just be one tournament. Just ask to borrow someone else’s stick if you don’t have one for the right console.


Its the same competition. There are usually enough stick users to accommodate play on either system.


Will try and make it. If I arrive early, will there be time for casuals?

The only thing stopping me from going is the weather being all fucked up. Should be ok though.



yea i’ll be there, hopefully a good amount of people show up because the weather is crap