TAG Monthly XXXVIII 05/07/2011 (Sacramento, California)


Venue Fee - There will be a venue fee of $3 charged to anyone who wishes to use the TV’s. This means both friendlies and tournament attendees.

Receive a $1 discount by bringing any of the following items for up to $2 off the venue fee (we must use the items):

  1. CRT T.V.
  2. Playstation with SSFIV/MvC3
  3. Xbox with SSFIV/MvC3
  4. Wii with SSB: Brawl

Cussing will result in you being expelled from the venue and disqualified from any tournament you are participating in with no refund. This is a serious issue - I almost lost the venue due to this. So please keep cussing to a minimum and/or at a low volume.


Super Street Fighter 4(PS3, 360):

Entry Fee $5

Sign-ups start at 12:30
Starts at 1 pm

Pot Split:


Marvel Vs. Capcom 3(PS3, 360):

Entry Fee $5

Sign-ups start at 2:30
Starts at 3 pm

Pot Split:

Brawl Singles/doubles
Brawl +/- Singles

Great Escape Games

1250 Howe Avenue #3A
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 927-0810


Great Escape Games


I went to the last one and no offense but can it be organized a little better? Just saying as advice not as an insult.

Secondly, I kinda wish the play area was fixed up a bit better. I know it’s only a small tourney but still it’d be nice.

Hmm, this time I can stay the whole way through. Lolz.


I have to agree. For an event hosting 5 games we need more room than a bedroom sized area.


We can keep more space for that side of the room this time. Last time, 2 of the staff bailed and the other got there late. Hopefully this one we can have full staffing. Sorry about the slow start last time.


So we get the big area?


I was also pressed for time which made me leave earlier than I would’ve liked but it’s ok. This upcoming one I can stay. At least to play for SF and watch the Marvel matches.

Okay, I hope the staff is better organized too! :smiley:


In case no one noticed, the date was changed from April 30th (I think) to May 7th. So now it’s right after TapEx. :smiley:


Something that could be helpful to the players is to line up the tables against the wall like the TAG before the last one. That helped the players get to their matches a bit quicker and gave us some walk room too.


Yeah, the last one was too crowded for me to walk around and to find a spectator spot. Hopefully we’ll get more breathing room this time.


All suggestions appreciated! We will go back to the previous set up as the new way didn’t do what we had hoped. We actually don’t have permission to use the big area as of now. We can see about setting up over there next time.




I am not able to make this tournament. I am sorry guys. :frowning:


Sorry to hear that.


What if I brought MK9?


Fun times yesterday.


MVC3 results

  1. Mine - Taskmaster, Magneto, Pheonix
  2. HiImNasty - wesker, deadpool, super skrull
  3. Thomas - Wesker, dante, magneto


  1. Wilson
  2. Mr. Beef
  3. Alex


All videos except the grand finals are up. Grand finals is still processing.

YouTube - KingOfGameworld’s Channel


Woo. Third place for SSF4.

I may join the Marvel part since that’s where all the hype is.


When is the next one…Reno want’s to come down!