Tag request for a different board

Heya av makers, would any of you guys be willing to make me a tag for a different forum? This is the pic I want for it, and all I want the tag to say is “A-L” or “angrylobster” on it. If theres room to fit it, put “Melbourne Crew” in there somewhere as well. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i can do this i just need a better pic and the size of the av

If you want you can get any pic off of google of a lobster for it. There really isn’t a limit since the pic is for a sig anyways, as long as it isn’t so huge that it takes up a huge amount of the page it should be fine.


Sigh I need a sig to do… . .you want me to color in said lobster? . . .and if so what color. . . .

Sure, color it in red if you would like :slight_smile: Thanks yo