Tag request: Ky Kiske


um, if you can make it 300x100 that would be cool so i could use it for gamespot aswell. if not it’s fine.

animated or not, does not matter, but please add KviK somewhere.

also if you have any idea how http://www.fightersgeneration.com/fightgen/characters/ky-straight.gif
could work in the tag, please add it… if not then thats fine aswell.



ill do this…if anyone else wants to as well go ahead we can let him choose ^_^.


I’ll try this one out…

However i just started like 3 weeks ago…so you most likely won’t be usin mine ^^ we’ll see


I can make tags aswell ( i made the one im wearing ) but I suck at it… no offense i’m not trying to be rude, i understand you are new, feel free to try… but i tried and… i admit to myself i suck ass. which is why im asking for a pro =p


^^ thankx for the “real look at it” I’m just gonna try it out ya know what i mean?

I like the font in your av tho man…well i’m gonna get to work…


if theres anything else you would like tell me but anywayz here it is…


that’s some sexy stuff, thanks alot man :slight_smile:


um, I’d gladly wear this here… however I resized it to 160 and it says it’s too big.

so … if you want me to wear it ( which i don’t mind ) could you fix it so it works for srk? if not then your art won’t be seen on here!



fixed, thanks.