Tag team CA's


I used to do these in SF4, had more characters and I had a bunch of ways to start, juggle, and end the tag sequence.
wanted some feedback on what i could do to make these kind of videos more appealing. Was thinking about making some sort of camera mod to possibly try getting videos with different angles as well. I just see a bit of entertainment potential.


Nice! The combo counter kind of ruins it though.


I wish there was a way to remove it. I’ll try some vid editing in the next one I do.


Pretty cool stuff man, thanks for sharing!


If you’re on PC chances are there’s a way to remove the combo counter, then you could add your own in editing.


the 1st and last transition felt pretty smooth
the others, not so much. Probably because they were so short


Disable music and HUD, add music in post and extend the clips as far as possible to make the transitions not stick out as badly, maybe blend the frames ever so slightly and see how it looks?


That Ryu is ded