Tag War II: I'll be here, dont make me wait in vain

  • End date: March 9th
  • The tag must be created within the timeframe of the battle. (Feb 24 - Mar 9)
  • Image size must be 460(wide)x75(tall) or less, file size of 100 kb or less.
  • One submission per user.
  • No watermarks/signatures allowed. And be sure to name your file name to something that wont give you away such as “picture008.jpg” not “BlodiaVulcan5_008.jpg”.
  • If you must put a name in the tag, use the name “Uhaul_Joe.” DO NOT USE YOUR OWN NAME!
  • The theme is “I’ll be here, dont make me wait in vain.” Please make something that is your own personal interpretation of this theme.

I have installed an anonymous submission script for everyone to use.

After the deadline, a poll will be made and everyone can vote on their favorite submission. Because the submissions will be handled by the submission script, no one, (myself included) will know who submitted what until after the poll closes. Voting poll closes on Mar 16.

If you tell anyone which one is your submission, you will be disqualified.

If you submit more than one tag, you will be disqualified.

Feel free to discuss any of the submissions in this thread, but please do not discuss who you think did what until after the final poll closes.

Gallery of submissions is here:

Submit your entry here:

Thanks TG for helping me test out the submission gallery.


sounds fun :evil: :evil: :evil:


I think this is going to be a great format for this. Everyone have fun.


yuss. now theres no way no one knows whats what.

lets make sure we dont post these in the showcase thread or on DA or tm or anywhere.


Brillant idea for submissions guys.

I already have something in mind, as well as the perfect image to go with it.



This’ll be neat and fun.:smiley:


o dang i just realized this is gonna be a tag one… well there goes my concept i had all planned out. Gotsa think of something else:o


You can still do it, if it was an av then make it bigger. If it was a splash then make it smaller. SIMPLE!


eh…wtf?? The theme is…uh…interesting.:confused:
But I have a few ideas already, so uh…lets hope. :smiley:


Since they have to use something that they created after the start date, I don’t see a problem with people just keeping their mouth shut for a couple of weeks. It shouldn’t have shown up anywhere before here anyway.

Looks like we’ve got a few entries already… keep up the good work guys! I have done some minor tweaks on the gallery.


Hmm i might wanna join this war :).


well… an idea that u’ve made to effectively take up a 600x600 canvas and squeze it in into a 460x75 canvas can really limit the idea u were tryin to pull off. It takes away the detail that u may feel can really show your point. Its not so simple cause i was really happy with the idea i had and making it smaller and limiting the detail i wanted in it will just leave me unsatisfyed and to me being satisfyed with my work is more important than winning a contest. I’d rather keep the splash concepts for the splashes and make up an entirely new one for a tag. Thats my view towards it anyways.


nice with using my name. :0 I’ll be a spectator this time. good luck to everyone.


Im in … If I cant still enter that is


got until march 9th, I think I’ll jump in too.


Hmm sounds interesting i just might enter.


I think I’ll give this one a shot. I’m used to doing avs, so making something that’s 460 by 75 will be interesting, at the least.


…I’m in. :slight_smile:


Holy Crap!!
4 Days in, and we already have more entries than in Tag War I. Not only that, but these tags are all much better than most of the Tag War I tags!


See for yourself:
Tag War I: Battle of Skills
Tag War II: I’ll be here, don’t make me wait in vain…



There’s some tough lookin tags submitted.