Tag War II: Results

  1. PsychoClown
  1. xXRenegadeXx
  1. ytwojay

See who did what:
Press refresh on your browser if the names don’t show up.


I win :smiley:

Oh and thanks for everybody who voted for my tag… I thought it sucked… peace


You don’t deserve the win buddy, your tag is a compelte piece of fucking garbage.


Damn that’s some great shit everyone :slight_smile:
I especially like OrangeMegaslide’s tag.

Thought: One of these days I gotta get some editing software:bluu:


i voted for 12 becuase it was different, didn’t ever think it was by Rei.

i did #20?


Mine only got two votes, but that’s cool. It was pretty close with the exception of EternalyDamned’s surge of votes. Hopefully we have another one.


Both the submission script and SRK have IP logging…


haha i got 0 votes, but its all for fun


Lol this battle was a joke. There’s no reason for my tag to have gotten 3rd. Most of my guesses on who made what were right, except for yours, OM. I thought TG made that one. Nice work man.

EDIT: Even though the results didn’t turn out the way people expected, I did enjoy participating and watching the battle progress. I also liked the anonymous submissions.

I hope we have another one soon.


In response to what people were discussing in other threads about my tag, #16:

Yes, it’s blood.

The concept, is someone dying, and is waiting for their love. The rose was the representation of whom/what she was waiting for.

Obviously the wait WAS in vain, and she died. Hence the reason the blood looks as if it has already dripped down.

ytwojay was the closest on seeing the concept as I had originally intended it to be.

But anyway, the interpretation is out of my hands tho.

Thanks man.


why im so pissed off by nero:

orange and MC, imagine for a second that you were in an av battle and Ninja posted his mario av after you and MC already poseted your coloring book avs and he won…would you be pissed off

i was ripped off and i lost how the fuck does that work someone set up a battle between me and this dude


If he accepts.


When you say “everybody”, you just mean YOU, no?


I figure I’ll talk about mine: Anybody who’s played FFX/FFX-2 knows that Yuna basically got screwed out of any kind of relationship she might have had with Tidus, but she still hopes that he’ll return one day. He told her that if they ever got seperated and she couldn’t find him, he’d whistle and she know where to look. Thus the line from FFX-2:

“I’m still waiting for your whistle.”

I thought this fit with the “don’t make me wait in vain” theme perfectly.


You don’t have to battle PC/ED to prove anything, because we all know that you’re better than him, and that the results of this battle were bunk.

But if you feel like you need to, for whatever reason, set the set the stipulations and handle your shit. I’m sure everyone on IMM has your back.


Yeah, we’re all behind you nero, there’s no need to battle him.



dont waste your time nero. he bited off you and logged into many accounts to get the votes.


sorry to be immature yall cuz i know im an oldie and all but i want this dude to step up and do a tag battle with me…you up ED???


Aint nothing immature about it.

Some of the people on this forum play too fuckin much, and the moment you want to speak up about something you get called immature or a “badguy” for not letting shit go.

You call someone out on some shady shit that they’re doing, and you get called a “badguy” for refusing to let them go around acting like a retard.

Fuck that. EternallyDamned is a piece of shit, just like his tag.

Do what you gotta do man, I’m with you on this.


gravy, ED do you accept?? tag battle, really simple to understand

then im a badguy, bring it beatch…see if you can duplicate my style when its just you and me :smiley: