Tag War II: Vote for a theme!


Poll ends in two days.


Hope gmv. <- I just learned what that means yesterday!


i voted for the dont keep me in vain one. i reallyl like the potential concepts out of that one. i’d be fine with hope tho if it comes to that.


Rather than selecting something so easy to do (i.e. School graffiti art), i chose something more creative and difficult.

Escape from LA/NY/Ohio.


Escape From New York.

It’s Snake Plissken, bitches!


O_o If it comes down to this theme, I’m just gonna slap a sprite of Sakura running away from a big ass sign that says “LA/NY”



whats escape from LA/NY? is it something like, for example, instaed of cities in ur piece u have the country side or something?


I voted for Hope. I’m not sure what I’d do for it yet, but I think it would generate some interesting tags.

What is “I’ll be here, dont make me wait in vain” about? Does it refer to something I’m not aware of?


No, it’s something you can interpret yourself.


Recipe for Hope:
Light Monochrome
Random Character
Elujin/LC-style Brushing

Bake for 15 mins and serve.


everything that has already been done.


Well, the name came from the movie of the same titles…

But… take it out of context.


The original suggestion in the other thread was “Snake Plissken.” I choose to include in the poll the whole Escape from La/ Escape from Cleveland/ Escape from NY idea instead of just an individual character from that series.


i votes for wait in vain…

sounds different


Fun Dip sounds most interesting.


old school graffiti art is winning? >.<

man thats the kind of thing i do freehand, with graphics designing i tend to stay away what i can do out of the ordinary. o well.

ic with the LA thing. just wanted to get that cleared up, thnx.

pssst… vote… for… vain…psstt…


psst…i voted for Vain:D :wink:


psst… alright!!!..:smiley:


I don’t get what you’re saying – there’s only one way to do hope? Also, how exactly does the image you described relate to the concept?


Yeah, good thinking.

Too bad it looks like it’s not going to get picked, it would have been real cool to see what others would come up with that theme.

Looks like it’s going to be some graffiti art!? =\

That shit HAS to have been done before.


Angels and Demons…enough sayed.