Tag War II: Vote for a winner!

Submissions can be found here:

A review of the rules:

Re-read the rules.
Look at all the tags.
Vote for the one that you think is the best entry basing your judgement on the rules of the contest.

Poll closes in 7 days.
I have cast the first vote.

Just curious man…we can’t vote for ourselves right…?? stupid question.


Vote for whomever you think did the best job.

Even if that means you vote for yourself.

ok done.


looks like i wont be voting anytime soon…

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“No thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster”


Can I say my vote, since it wont let me vote on the poll?

If it won’t let you vote, log out of srk, clear your cookies, and log back in. Then it should let you vote.

Every last one of them sucks.

I voted for Batman.



Heh, you don’t even like #16? It’s one of the only decent ones, IMO.

i liked 20. it was a different style.
i was looking for a different style and 20 was it

Oh some of them do look quite nice, but they still barely match the theme.

Number 16 is somewhat of an exception, I can’t tell if that’s just an overlayed curve of some sort or actual representation of blood.


i voted for 16, its the best one IMO

16 gets my vote for the category “obviously done in 5 minutes during the evanescence music video.”

#3 and #4 do bad things to my knowledge of proper design practices, but damn…they’re funny.

I don’t think there’s gonna be another war. Go sign up at tagmonkey.

Yeah, I’m suprised by all the support for 16. I guess it does (kind of) fit the theme compartatively well – it clearly looks “sad.” Saddness/sorrow are, while perhaps the most obvious, not the only (and, in my opinion, generally not the most interesting) ways of emotionally interpreting waiting. Visually, it appears fairly dull/conventional to my eyes. Also, the red streaks (blood?) look kind of bad and could definately have been done better. Finally, the whole wedding thing is just cliche and predictable (not that it couldn’t be done well.)

To whoever created 16: I don’t mean to hate or anything. I still think, all things being equal, yours is really pretty good. My comments are meant primarily as a response to previous posts in this thread, not as a response to the tag itself.

Actually, I’m just upset no one has voted for mine yet:( :mad:


I liked #4. Every girl was left with that feeling from GoldenBoy. The Ninja Scrolls one was tight, but it really had nothing to do with that anime.

I liked most of them, but I voted for #15. The prep-time Batman was funny as hell, but it’d be kinda odd if it won, seeing as it doesn’t go with the theme at all, unlike a lot of the others which at least gave it a shot.

7 days is way too long for voting. Polls will close tomorrow.

I voted for number 16, because mine sucks, I might as well stop hoping that mine would even get one vote :frowning: :frowning: