Taggers...what is your inspiration, methods and style?


I did this in the other Media studios kinda looking around in how taggers of this forums get their creative juices going and how they go about doing things:

Me personally, I’m a newbie to the whole Photoshop/paintshop pro thing. I haven’t delve into regular photos looking cool as fuck as most of the pros on here can do, nor would I think I would delve into it much.

Me personally I’m into animation and funny situations. Even though I don’t tag for anyone else, I feel that I have great timing and situation abilities. The way I feel, less is more.

As for my animations, I tend to go GUNG HO all the way. So I’ll make out my entire idea that I want…then I cut away (very tragically) to make the avatar fit.



i suck at photoshop


Lord knows how much I feel you on this…


i get inspiration from anything, music mostly, and other artists. and i have a alot of differen’t ways to do things, no really the same method. but i always start off with a black&white gradient and i work my way from there


my inspiration is the check i get from SRK for making avatars for people


I try to avoid seeing anyone do anything ever.


You changed your profile :open_mouth:


Oh what @_@?


blackadder blackadder, a dog whose got his bone
blackadder blackadder, a bastard on the throne

or something like that? _


Oh, I accidentally deleted it and then forgot how it went :frowning:


Well there are many different versions, so it doesn’t exactly matter if you get it wrong becuase you could use one of the alternate versions. :stuck_out_tongue:


WTF srk?