Anyone know how to tag? I really need a tag of my name to finish off my birdie and ken piece. It’s gonna be on a trash bin so here is an example of what i’m looking for. Name should be Peter.

See the white ones on the side. If anyone can do this for me I’ll return the favor. Thanks.


I’m not really a pro at this or anything, but here’s something i whipped up real quick. let me know if you want any of these at a higher resolution.

Dude that was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks and let me know if I can sketch or draw you up something. That is the only thing I can do.

shiettttttt u shoulda came to me peter. I use to bomb the arlington subway system all the time with homies.

hmm…you shoulda looked in my thread. ah well.


hey no problem man. if i think of anything i need a sketch of i’ll let u kno. btw, “sfmc” looks a lot better tagged :stuck_out_tongue: i did this one before i read that u wanted “peter” instead

here you go niea

Thanks again general. I actually used both. Peace.