Taito 43cm black leather stools: TT T50(43CM)


I have a number of spare Taito stools for sale.

They are: 490139510 TT STOOL T50(43CM) BLACK LEATHER

These came direct from Taito.


These are the stools used throughout Japan in Taito Station arcades and other game centres. They are very much sort after as the perfect accompaniment to Japanese candy cabinets.

There is some very light tarnish around some of the holes. I presume this is from being in the container for a couple of months. According to Devil Soundwave over at Arcade Otaku this is entirely normal for Japanese stools and easily polished off.

These are functional industrial items designed for use in arcade environments.

I am selling them at cost price. These stools are only available from Taito in boxes of 5. After tax, duty and shipping the price is £115 per unit.

Will ship worldwide, please contact me for postage costs. This is at cost, and at buyers own risk. I will only ship tracked and insured. Please contact with your location for a quote.

I am selling these to raise funds to equip a new arcade events space. After this week they will no longer be for sale as further funds will not be required after that point.











Cool, just messaged you man :slight_smile:


Ugh I just saw this on Arcade Otaku and now your tempting me here too!