Taito Type X2 Arcade Hardware

ANyone in here know what ports are on the outside? Does it have VGA or HDMI ports and can hook up to any HDTV or Computer Monitor?

if the type X+ is any indication it has both VGA and DVI. But we’ll know for sure once system16 updates their info to include that hardware system.

Assuming by these two pictures they have on coinopexpress I’m guessing it’s DVI and VGA

Wow they don’t even allow you to link the pictures or save them to your computer

I’m amazed not only that Wikipedia has as much information as it does on the X2’s specs, but that it can have all that and still not mention video output. Isn’t that one of the more important traits of arcade hardware?!
(useless link)

Well, here’s a picture.


Looks like DVI only to me, although you can get an adapter for DVI to VGA.

Keep in mind that the hardware for the X2 is modular. It can accept a variety of different video cards so you may see some differences.

So, I can hook this thing up to my lcd tv and that’s it? Where do the joysticks plug in? Also, any websites that I can compare prices on this with? I’ve only seen it on coinopexpress.com

look like PC hardward. I wish I buy it but killer my wallet. :bluu:

I bought Atomiswave system motherboard is not bad.

VGA gender changer is included with the package. All you need to use VGA is to set the dipswitches right and use the gender changer piece.

Into a JVS I/O board which is then connected by USB cable to the motherboard. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can use USB pads/sticks though, while the connector is the same the protocol is entirely different!

this is new hardware for future. No more JAMMA is a wiring standard for arcade machine.

The JAMMA wiring standard was introduced in the mid-1980s.

I see that the system has an embedded version of Windows XP. Do anyone know of any way to get a copy of that version of Windows? I know you would probably have to use the actual system to get it off of but with that you should be able to build from scratch most of the system.

a friend of mine is buying a set up for blazblue so we’re trying to figure out what we need to run it.

taito x2 board and rom are on order and we have placed an order with laugh for some psx / jamma convertors.

however we are not sure what the jvs i/o board is.
(for example are there different i/o boards for different arcade boards? ie: capcom i/o board for naomi only?)

does anyone have a link or could suggest where to get a jvs i/o board for use with the taito x2?


You can download a trial of XP Embedded SP2 freely from Microsoft’s website. It lets you assemble and deploy test builds of XPe. Fun to play with. Expensive to license.

I’d love to see more details on what XPe looks like on the X2.

Also, as far as the video hookups, it sounds like the X2 supports a lot of different video cards. I would bet the developers could deploy the hardware with whatever compatible video card they want and thus have the output ports they want. So it probably changes from one game to the next depend on the developers.