Taito Type X2 + Astro City Cabinet

Hey guys. I had a question regarding Taito Type X2 boards and low-resolution monitors. The game in question is BlazBlue, which outputs at 720p. However, if I can’t afford the huge VEWLIX for it, can I just get a Astro City and throw it in there? I have never purchased or fiddled with a cabinet before. I need to find out within the next 2 days. T__T Please help!

Thanks! :smiley:

This is what our arcade in the city here in Melbourne has done for Street Fighter 4. I can’t say if there were any tricks needed to get it to work though.

Pretty sure the lowest resolution the X^2 can output is 640x480, to run it in 15 KHz standard resolution you’d need a downscaler/interlacer. Taito has such a kit available at a couple hundred bucks.

It is going to look like crap though. If you can’t afford a HD cabinet like the Vewlix I’d just hook the game up to a standard HDTV instead, or not bother buying it at all.

Thanks for the information, gentlemen. :3

Taito X2 ONLY runs at 640x480 or 1280x720 by dipswitch. Despite the PC video card, theres no software configuration for video modes, and the S-video plug does not work.

wdf , we have SF4 in melb!? I must go find this machine.

Hm. Okay, one more question, than!

How do you interface with the unit? If I have a CRT monitor for a computer that can support those resolutions, will that suffice? Also, what about joysticks? I really appreciate all the help!

It’s just a PC really. Video out should be standard DVI and VGA (or possibly HDMI, don’t own one myself (yet!)), likewise audio comes out of a 3.5 mm stereoplug. Power supply is built-in.

Pretty much the only arcade proprietary part is the controls which follows a standard called JVS. While the connector used is the same as USB don’t be fooled into thinking any gamepad/joystick will work, the protocol is entirely different. You’ll need to wire a set of joysticks and buttons directly to a JVS I/O board, very similar procedure to say hacking a gamepad when building a custom console stick.

Man, I wanted to go crazy and get blazblue too. Then I though it over for a couple of days:

I got a quote for Blazblue…

It will be 420’000 yen release price… so +viewlix and Type-X board, this is a over 10’000 bucks game…

Now, Imagine that Arcsys sill release an updated version less than a year later…
(like they did for GGXX AC… I still feel the pain of those who bought Slash!)

I decided to wait for 6 months after BB release.
See what happens, see if the game has a good scene, and see if Arc is still not planing on an upgrade and most importantly, see if I don’t need the money for something else. (like a new car…)

The price of the HDD will definitely go down by at least 30% by then, and I’ll get it from yahoo auction for less than 250’000.

the usb ports on the panel is for the security key, and upgrade usb keys.

the pci i/o board has a usb-jamma to connect to the sega/capcom i/o board. As for video, yes its a regular DVI, but if you use a VGA-DVI converter, you only get 640x480 on the TaitoX2 revisions that come with SF4 and later. 1280x720 DO NOT WORK with these new ones, unless you bought the X2 units before sf4, otherwise gotta display with DVI or HDMI for 720p. This is from AI’s units and we tested it on different Taito boards that we bought with KOF MI and Battle Fantasia and they were far less restrictive.

It’s probably something to do with HDCP embedded in the new video cards.