Taito Type X2 with Play Station 2 Controllers

Hi I recently purchased a Taito type X2 board with KOF XIII, and I have it in a nice LCD cabinet from coinop express. Everything is working fine however I was reading that some arcades (such as Arcade UFO) have PlayStation2 ports so that people can bring their own controllers/sticks and use them with the cab.

Does any body have an idea of how to do this? I would think that there might be a way of using PS3 sticks since there’s a few open usb ports in the board but PS2 sticks really surprised me.

If anybody has an idea of how to do this please let me know, it would be a cool feature to add to my cab.

IIRC the Taito X2 is “just” a computer running XP so I’m assuming it’s a PS2->USB converter under the hood.

PSX to JAMMA converter
eTokki sells a PSX/PS2 to jamma adapter, the pin out is standard Neo Geo DB 15 pin fare, this can easily be adapted to any jamma style cab.

Also on http://shoryuken.com/f177/official-cthulhu-chimp-thread-try-our-new-dreamcast-flavor-162026/
Toodles also sells a FG Widgget Converter, it adapts PSX, SNES or Saturn Controllers to Low/ High voltage inversion. Meaning you can use it to make Neo Geo or Jamma adapters, or you you can wire this to a hack game pad to make an adapter (like a Sega Saturn to Xbox 360 adapter)

I don’t think it’s that easy.

that looks like it might work but I don’t see where I can connect the neo geo side of it, I’m using a JVS converter for Jamma for the sticks.

The FGW Converter connects on the same side of the JAMMA harness as the buttons and stick on the main control panel. So the JAMMA pin for player 1 Up would go to both the Up direction on the CP joystick and the Up direction on the converter.