Taito Vewlix sized Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Ultimate All Stars) move list

Hey guys,

Looking to gauge interest and get some help proofing this and some feedback.

I found these move lists:


So I created this Vewlix version based on it using the English translation from the manual:


You can view the full size here.

What I want from you:

[]Help me proof all of the text to make sure it’s spelled correctly
]Help me make sure all of the moves are shown correctly, directions are facing the right way, etc.
[]Advise on the move names. It’s from the North American manual, but event hubs guide differs. What’s “better”?
]If you have a Taito Vewlix, clone, or home made cabinet, does this fit and work for you?

I based this on the official SF4 one and should fit within the viewable area, but it was hard to squeeze all that info in there. On my home made cabinet, the move list compartment is pretty small and there’s no gradient border showing around the edges (had to trim it off).

Should I leave it as is or shrink the content down slightly to afford more border?

Edit: I guess I should mention, I’m planning to do the unlockable characters as a separate card that would be placed on the monitor bezel area.

Also, dear moderator, if this could be in a better section, and you can move it for me, please do. :slight_smile:


Well, I proofed it myself and it’s done. No input was taken since none was given, however:

If you do want this, you can download the final version here: tatsunoko_vs_capcom_vewlix.pdf (25.82 MB PDF)


I’m working on the unlockable character cards, but I only have 2/5 of the characters unlocked so far.

If you’ve unlocked the other 3 characters, could you please post in this thread the exact name that the in-game movelist uses for the move names along with their inputs?


I have no contribution, I just want to lend my support, and tell you that this is really cool. Thanks for that! Gunna print these out at a kinkos and have around for the hell of it

Thanks for letting me know! I thought even if people didn’t have anything to put them in, they’d make a cool move list to lay on the coffee table to help guests/remind yourself.

Don’t print the unlockable characters one yet, you can probably tell, but the last 3 characters have place holder text/moves copied from the other 2.

the 3 others

Tekkaman Blade

Shamshir - "(AT) Push Rapidly"
Baselard - "(OK IN AIR) :qcf: + (AT)
Katzbalger - ":d: CHARGE :u: + (AT)
Falchion - ":qcb: + (AT)


Crash Intrude - "(OK IN AIR) :qcf: + (AT) (AT)
Voltekka - :dp: + (AT) (AT)
Omnidirectional Super Voltekka - “(OK IN AIR) :hcb: + (AT) (AT)”


Ryuenjin - "(OK IN AIR) :dp: + (AT)"
Hadangeki - ":l: CHARGE :r: + (AT)"
Hienkyaku - "(OK IN AIR) :qcb: + (AT)"
Hyper Zero Blaster - "(OK IN AIR) (AT) HOLD DOWN, RELEASE"
Sentsuizan "( IN AIR ) :qcf: + (AT)


Rekkoha - ":qcf: + (AT) (AT)"
Sougenmu - ":qcb: + (AT) (AT) (ONLY WITH CERTAIN ATTACKS)"
Dark Hold - ":dp: + (AT) (AT)

Yatterman 2

Yatter Shield - ":qcb: + (AT)"
Yatter Step - ":qcf: + (AT)"
Yatter Swing - "(OK IN AIR) :l: CHARGE :r: + (AT)
Yatter Splash - “(OK IN AIR) (AT) PUSH RAPIDLY”


Super Passion - ":qcf: + (AT) (AT)"
Omotchama’s Roll - ":dp: + (AT) (AT)"
This Week’s Surprise Robots - “:qcb: + (AT) (AT)”

Go, go man, finish these up I wanna go to kinkos tomorrow! haha!

(in retrospect I should have just taken pictures :lol:)

Somehow I missed seeing your post. Will finish the unlockables tonight/tomorrow.

Sounds good =D


Is there a way to make to seperate 24" movelists?

My cab is 24" wide, so the full length one overlaps. Is there a way to do a Capcom one, then have a seperate Tatsu one?

i don’t have photoshop.

if theres an easy way, please let me know.

Thanks man!

Okay, here’s the final unlockable pdf:


If you do want this, you can download the final version here: tatsunoko_vs_capcom_unlockable.pdf (6.33 MB PDF)

There’s not really an easy way. To create the version I did, I took the Vewlix moves list size and figured out how to fit all of the characters on it and designed everything specifically for that. I just took a measurement and the Tatsunoko side is basically 13" wide (not counting unlockables).

If you want this that badly, I’ll create a 24" version for you. – is that like the standard size for candy type cabs? Just reply to this post so I know. Could take me a few days.

Nice, thanks donovan, great stuff ~

trouble printing

can somebody please tell me how to print this, im trying to print the full moves list for my controll panell, when i download the pdf it opens in a new tab in adobe. when i try to print it only prints a peice of the card, only like 7 chars, how do i get it to print the rest. spread out between 3 sheets. thanks alot any help would be appreciated.