Taito's request thread (read the rules FIRST before posting)

OK, I’m really in the drawing mood right now and I’m down to take requests. Now I tried this a couple of years ago on this forum, but it was a complete disaster because I couldn’t commit to 20 requests at once. SO, I’m gonna have to establish some rules so I don’t disappoint anyone…

  • I’ll only choose and accept ONE REQUEST AT A TIME!!! I won’t even look at this thread until I’m ready to post the drawing. Any ‘queues’ in this thread in-between pic postings will be ignored.

  • I’ll do fighting game-related stuff without any problems. I don’t follow anime at all, so I’d rather you not request anything like that. Basically anything not fighting game-related is subject to negotiation (expect me to decline the request in most cases).

  • Keep the requests simple, like one or two characters. I don’t have the time for Udon murals, sorry.

  • I should be able to wrap up a drawing (tablet linework and PS cg coloring) in about a week more or less, depending on how complex the picture is. If it takes any longer or if I’m busy, I’ll be sure to let you guys know. If I accept a drawing I’ll commit to it, so be patient.

  • I’ll add more rules if I need to, but the point is, please don’t overwhelm me or I’ll call the whole thing off. I don’t wanna do that…

Hopefully this goes well, I don’t think I’ve drawn anything new since 2003.

Whats Up Man Never Seen A Thread Like This So I Guess I’ll Start Things Of And Request A Magneto And Cable And The Rest Is Up To You Man. As For Colors Be Creative, Good Luck

Cool I’ll do it, check back here in about a week from now.

I’m not accepting anymore requests. Until I come back, consider this thread closed.

hey i lived in newmarket for a while.

Thanks for the thread Taito. I’m working on a fictional SF4 project and I wrote a couple of character designs over here

Could you please do either Akuma, Vega or Bison. Their descriptions are under their name.

You can do this request once you’re done with the other one. Take your time, I’m not in a hurry. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

whats up man just checking if you finished the art let me know asap. thanx again dude

Damn sorry it took so long.

Still taking requests ;p?

The request line is now open.

GGXX: Anji & Slayer together please, thanks!

Can I get something Felicia?

Anything at all ;p.

that… just sounds yaoi :stuck_out_tongue:

nice pic Taito.

Hmm… I dunno if this is fair, but I feel more comfortable doing a Felicia pic than a Slayer/Anji combo (I’m not a big #R player and I’m not realy familiar with Slayer).

… So Felicia it is! I can’t give you an ETA but it shouldn’t take too long.

REQUESTS CLOSED! See you folks in a few weeks.