Taito's thread with pics & sketches in it

I was cleaning out my storage closet today, and I ran into my old sketchbooks… I surprised even myself cause I don’t remember doing any of this, and I don’t even draw like this anymore, if I draw at all… all this shit is circa 2002…

PS. I know it was almost a year ago, but I owe somebody a Felicia drawing… I’m working on it right now…

damn dude, you’re pretty good back then. What happened to all the talents? hahaha (jk’ing). Your lines are very loose and energetic. FRESH

The dragonstaff one is hot shit! :tup:

The real world caught up with me? I don’t have time for any kind of hobbies these days… also I think my skills suffered trying to draw on tablet… I just can’tget used to it despite the benefits…

Hmm I see yea im not really a tablet man either, I will use it to colour but never really draw down on, dunno I just prefer paper, old school.

I know what you mean I kinda slacked of drawing myself so what little skill I had went down hill but ive been drawing recently this time Im going to try and stick with it.

Maybe looking at these old drawings will inspire you to draw again.

Very nice.
Your style reminds me a lot of Udon/Joe Mad stuff.

If there was any artist I drew inspiration from, it was probably Bengus from '90s era Capcom (who Joe Mad and Udon look up to as well)

Bump, I was cleaning out my house and found some other sketches I totally forgot about…

Here’s one from 2001… I’ll post the rest this week when I have free time

And new for 08, an Abel sketch I’m not too crazy about

its still prolly one of the first abel fanarts so be proud. i like the lower lip you did on sagat. makes him somewhat resemble the guy that played him in SFII

:sad: It’s a little disappointing that you say you don’t draw anymore. Those are really good and if you would’ve kept at it you would be insanely good seeing how those are from '02.

dude keep going. these are great.

You mean the Van Damme SF movie? Yeah that was the look I was going for.

I hate u!!!

…because your linework is flawless lol
this is some amazing stuff :tup::tup:

Awesome Abel! The looseness is really interesting!

Wait, I don’t understand what you folks mean by ‘looseness’…

Thanks for the feedback though. I’d love to get back into drawing, but my imagination is gone and when I try to draw it’s nowhere near as good as when I did it all the time. That’s what growing up does to you. So don’t grow up or you’ll end up like me.

Another couple of sketches or unfinished pics. I have a couple more to show but I gotta get to bed.


This was supposed to be an Alien vs Predator group shot but I never followed up on it

If anyone’s wondering, these were of course scanned, then cleaned up a little in Photoshop (eraser, brightness/contrast adjustment, etc)

That is one hot Abel. That face looks better than Capcom’s. I’m glad you’re still drawing, dude.

Yeah, you definitely would’ve been able to do something with it, and if you have the drive you probably still can. I’m actually fighting to get my stuff out myself instead of being afraid and not trying. Its tough to keep at it when everything around you tells you that you shouldn’t but I have hope for me at least. I post alot of my recent stuff here also.

good stuff man.

One more from 2001 and that’s about it for now


By looseness, we mean a nice sketchy quality, like they’re not quite finished, or still in a rough stage. Sometimes, sketches and roughs are more interesting than finalized drawings and paintings.

good stuff here

inspires me a little more…to draw again