Taito's thread with pics & sketches in it

The Sagats look boss

I bought an Intuos recently. Maybe it was because I only used a Graphire in the past, but I really hated drawing on tablet until I upgraded to Intuos. Anyway I made this, completely on tablet/PS:

I’m working on something else, I’ll show it in a couple days

Kind sir please finish the ninja like 1

i really like these pictures of yours.

welcome back Taito :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff dude… I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I used to draw and I quit for reasons still unknown… I regret quitting for so long because I would be friggin awesome right now if I hadn’t haha…

Thanks for the kind words folks. I actually feel like I’m “back,” and that artist’s block I had for years has finally been lifted.

This one right?

I cut some corners by copying or pasting stock photos from Alien movies, not something I normally do

Your drawings are Really Really good, i especially love the young slim Sagat, would love to see him in action or in an animie spin off. You should get back on sketchin n stuff cause youve got real talent


Never stop. :tup:

Good Shit
draw some more

These are excellent sketches you got there. Don’t stop there, keep going!

Shit son, this is some impressive stuff. Looking forward to seeing more.

Impressive stuff, sir. :tup:

Thanks for the C&Cs guys, I’ve got more on the way!


I’ve been experimenting with Photshop painting, here’s what I came up with (focus on the figure, the rest is PS tomfoolery)

BIG THANKS to Xenozip for sending me a bunch of coloring tutorials to look at. Color/painting makes a lot more sense now :tup:

Just found this stuff, all of it looks really good. Do your muse proud.

i’m pretty sure that the bat logo on your guys chest is from the chestplate of the nemesis of she-ra.

Wow that’s really awesome.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a tablet, my scanner sucks and anything I draw looks like trash on screen.

Man I dig your style, you are inspiring me to break out my tablet… gotta finish building this damn stick!